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Friday, April 15, 2005

Another problem in the canvass of a city ward

Neither of the 2 poll lists for City of Milwaukee ward 260 contained the required 3 signatures.

The local board canvassing statute 7.51(2)(a) requires the that after the all the poll lists are reconciled, every poll list is to be signed by the chief inspector an all poll inspectors who were in charge of a poll list. Becuse there must be at least 2 poll lists, there must be the signatures of least 2, non-chief poll inspectors. The 2 poll lists ofr ward 260 only had 2 signatures. I do not know at this time which signature is missing.

I was inspecting the pairs of poll lists for the 5 city wards: 39, 44, 258, 260, and 312. These 5 wards (and 3 others)I selected as my targets of opportunity because of the exceptional consistent fraud record over 5 elections (now 6) in these wards.

I think I need to add this to my list of election woes. The woe currently listed that no recording of the last elector number was done. Not signing the log book in order toattest to the correctness of the poll lists is another and separate problem.

Another irregularity found was the number of electors voting (actually the number issued to the last elector voting) was recorded in pencil. The signatures of every inspector in every one of the 8 poll lists I examined though were in pen.

The more you tug at this thread the more the election process in Milwaukee unravels like a cheap suit. But, the 5th largest city, Appleton, has none of these problems.


Anonymous steveegg said...

I'll wager that you would find similar "results" with a random set of 5 wards in Milwaukee.

In any case, keep pulling.

Sat Apr 16, 09:02:00 AM CDT  

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