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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Sewer Woes for Milwaukee are A-Coming

This does not bode well for the MMSD. of the 850 million gallons MMSD is responsible for 100 to 120 million. MMSD is responsible for 1/8 of the "troublesome" dumping mentioned in the article. And notice the solution is the same one proposed in the 1930's after the reign fo the "Sewer" Socialists; Separate the sanitary sewers from the storm drainage sewers.

When I ran for Germantown Village Trustee in 2000. My main plank was to get out of MMSD as fast as possible. Because it was only a mater of time before the EPA or another state sued MMSD over its pollution of Lake Michigan. Once the suit happens, you can bet every municipality in MMSD not just the offenders, Milwaukee and Shorewood, will be paying off the judgement and paying the $3 billion estimated to separate the Milwuakee and Shorewood sewer systems.

I may have to consider moving to a non-MMSD comunity.


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