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Monday, April 09, 2007

A New Game: Guess the Password(s)

Here is a new game that I call guess the password. Specifically guess the hard code password in an ES&S iVortonics touch screen.

Here are my guesses:
Version 8.x.x.x passwords as found in Florida
    Service password = SVC
    Test password = TST
    Clear password = CLR
    EAC password = EAC
    Upload firmware password = FWR

Version 9.x.x.x passwords as found in Wisconsin
    Service password = SVCSVC
    Test password = TSTTST
    Clear password = CLRCLR
    EAC password = EACEAC
    Upload firmware password = FWRFWR

Here is the background:

From page 67 of the SAIT report by Florida State University is the following discussion on iVotronic passwords.

The Service Menu password, Clear and Test password, ECA password, and Upload Firmware password are three-letter case-insensitive passwords. Each one is chosen to be mnemonic and easy to remember. The problem is they are also likely to be fairly easy to guess. They follow a memorable pattern. Someone who knows one of these passwords can probably guess what the other ones are without too much difficulty. These passwords provide very little security.

I speculate that with the new version of the iVotronics (from version 8.x.x to version 9.x.x) ES&S made good on a promise to improve the security of the iVotronic passwords.

The rules of this game are simple:
1)Submit a guess for each of the 4 passwords as a comment to this blog entry
2) The 8.x.x passwords should be 3 characters and 9.x.x characters should be 6 characters.
3) All passwords should be mneumonic so the password is easy to remember.


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