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Sunday, April 05, 2009

Big Brother Watches us so, we We Watch Him Back

Update Below
One of the songs I love is Wake Up! (It's 1984) by Oingo Boingo. The title of this post is from the lyrics of this song.

Most technology is morally neutral and can be used for good and evil; often time simultaneously. It is a technological arms race between those of us who use technology to expand Liberty those who use technology to expand Government. Because as one waxes the other wanes. The exercise of your G-d given rights is a zero sum game; either Govenment is powerless to prevent your expression or it CAN limit your expression.

Here is a small battle on the Liberty-Government front where technology was used for Liberty.
If I get the the full 25 minutes of audio I will post it.
Here is link to the full audio. As expected the TSA goons have trouble handle free men instead of serfs. I especially like the threat "I'll help you understand". Didn't Rodney King also get such instructional help?

His "game" was to not cower like a serf. His "game" was to not answer a question without his attorney present. His "game" was to ask the appropriate questions; "Am I legally required to answer that question?" and "Am I free to go?". His "game" was assuming the Constituion of the United States survived its encounter with George W Bush.

Clearly, this guy is one of those Consitutional terrorists MIAC warned the ST. Louis TSA about, because Silence in the Face of Official Questioning is protected by the fifth amendment of the Constitution.

In case you need to know why that is important read the story of Sir Thomas Moore.

But the practical reasons are stated in this video by defense attorney, James Duane.
The advice is simple (and in the first 30 seconds): "NEVER speak to the POLICE without an attorney." In case you think only defense attorneys believe this, here is the same advice from a police detective with 25 years of experience.
Officer Bruch's advice is the same : "NEVER speak to the POLICE without an attorney."

We recently had a case where an honest, law-abiding citizen was doing what Shirley Abrahamson ordered him to do if he wanted to exercise the G-d given right protected under Article I section 25. In Philip Cole v Wisconsin, Shirley Abrahamson, ruled that Wisconsin is an unfettered open carry state. It was a good thing he too recorded his conversation with the police. I speculate that recording and the threat of it being played in open court helped with the dismissal of the case.

Honest citizen needs to record there interactions with the police if possible. Wisconsin is a single party recording state and having your own recording is really useful when there is a "glitch" with the dashboard cam and/or the body mike.

Tape the Police when you can because it may keep you out of jail, but mostly because you still can.


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