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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Milwaukee City Election Commission is back

Sue Edman, Executive Director of the City of Milwaukee Election Commission, contacted me Monday regarding several loose ends left by the interim director, Sharon Robinson. There are 4 loose ends as relates to me. I have 2 pending open records requests for documents from the Election Commission Task Force Report. A response for each is being drafted. One of the open items is the illegal poll inspector, Carol Tellef, for ward 13 during the February 15, 2005 spring primary. The fourth open item is the illegal (closed to the public) canvass of ward 188 during the April 5, 2005 elections.

These 4 open items are in addition to my complaint before the Wisconsin State Elections Board regarding the failure to conduct 7.51-compliant local board canvasses during the September 2004, November 2004, or February 15, 2004 elections. The SEB complaint is still winding its way through the SEB labyrinth with claims, responses, rebuttals to the responses, and rebuttals to the rebuttals currently being exchanged.


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