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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Need Help to Buy and Test an Optech IIIP Eagle

The City of Proctor Minnesota is selling an Optech IIIP Eagle. This system unlike those I have found on EBay is a complete system. The manuals, memory packs, and keys are included.

The Optech IIIP I already have came wtih no memory packs was locked but for which keys were not provided. I have had it re-keyed and the hardware examination has been proceeding carefully.

The Optech IIIP eagle is the exact same make and model of ballot scanner used in all of Milwaukee county and in much of southeaster Wisconsin. I very much would like to subject a complete Optech IIIP optical (IR actually) scanner to some actual testing. Which is why I would very much like to get the machine offered by the City of Proctor.

The City of Proctor would like $1000 for the Optech IIIP. So with shipping it will set me back $1,125. Unfortunately, I do not have that kind of cash.

Would you to consider a donation to help underwrite this testing? effort.

Thank you.


Blogger sales said...


I currently have 3 complete machines like the one you describe. I live in Michigan. I got them because I am a high school teacher. Make me an offer and they're yours. Post back.


Tue Aug 14, 03:35:00 PM CDT  
Blogger John Washburn said...

I am interested. But what is included? Memory packs, ballots, software.

My email is blog at washburn research dot org (no space on the between washburn and research).

The office number is:
two six two
five three two
twenty eight fifty.

Tue Aug 14, 07:43:00 PM CDT  

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