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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Delightful to Watch an Illegal canvass

I was locked out of the building in Germantown here this evening (April 4, 2006). Not only are the new security procedures in place for the crooked Diebold optical scanners (1.94w) used here in Germantown, the local board canvass was closed to the public in spite of the clear requirement of WI state statute the whole election including the local board canvass be open to the public.

And the clerk of Washington County, Brenda Jaszewski , had the gall to be offended when I stated elected officials are not to be trusted but watched. It is the American form of government: in God's power we trust, for people and human institutions power is to be checked and balanced. Public oversight is part of the American system of checks and balance. Clearly, even the sinless angels which are election officials in Brenda's world can break the law as do we mortal men.

The American Republic is a participation sport not a the spectator sport it has become. I am glad I was in the game tonight. Come join me next time. It will be infuriating, but so fulfilling to take up the mantle as one of the grandsons of liberty.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What building were you locked out of? What time was this?

Thu Apr 06, 08:02:00 PM CDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've heard about this guy going around doing more harm then good so had to check it out for myself. Besides being an obvious pain in rump, seems that you are NOT very good at time mangement.
You should move to Milwaukee where your efforts might bear some fruit. You could make a much bigger splash (and that's what this is really all about right ;-) with alot less time invested.
Although after reading some of your posts you may not be quite up to that task. It is the real world with real world corruption. Going after Germantown and Washington County on elections shows what kind of petty little guy you must really be. I know that Wash Co. runs one of the smoothest election programs in the State with very few problems and that the people work very hard. We should ALL appreciate their efforts.
So, why don't you do yourself and all of us a favor and relocate even farder down sout.

Fri Apr 07, 12:30:00 PM CDT  
Anonymous blog reader said...

Mr. Washburn,

We applaud your efforts to try to get local voting districts to use reliable machines to log votes and to conduct votes in an open manner. Democracy is dead and the Republic is on the rocks, unless we can trust the vote.

Ignore the prior 2 posts as they have probably not followed your prior months of trying to get the vote honest in Milwaukee and at the state level

Mon Apr 10, 11:30:00 AM CDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jeez.... I was just asking what building and the time of day that this took place. Is that some sort of big secret?

Mon Apr 10, 04:18:00 PM CDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Still no answer from da big Wash on what building and what time ay ????

Wed Apr 12, 09:33:00 AM CDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Still no answer from da big Wash on what building and what time ay ????

Wed Apr 12, 09:33:00 AM CDT  
Blogger John Washburn said...

I was locked out of Bethlehem Lutheran Church at the cornter of Hwy 145 and Country Aire at 8:20 pm.

All unexamined elections run smoothly. Why is it every time some citizen actually looks at an election (Germantown, Milwaukee, Madison, Racine, Medford, Neenah, Kenosha, etc.) problems seems arise? And always, surprise, surprise, surprise for the first time?

For the record the optical scanner in Germantown district #1 mis-counted the ballots on both November 2, 2004 and April 5, 2005. Both miscounts are recorderd on EB-104's for these elections. This clear and apparent error pierces the presumtption of correctness of 7.51(2)(h). But the requirements of 7.51 in both elections were ignored and the miscounting by the optical scanner was recorded but otherwise ignored. That is the definition of "smoothly" run in Germantown district #1.

Smoothly run does not mean accurately or legally run. There should be more than ease of administration in determining if an election was a "success"

So forgive me if I am parochial and would like the errors in my home voting district (Germantown District #1) stopped.

But, that has not deterred me, Christine, from examining the 10 problem wards in Milwaukee. Or my examination of West Allis, Madison, Racine, and Kenosha.

What harm have I caused except to let election officials in this area to know at least one person is a participating citizen? I am curious because on election integrity the first rule should be "First, Do no Harm".

Yes I admit with a 12 hour work day, wife, 3 children, helping the election audits in Florida, opposing illegal Diebold equipment at the state level (violates 5.91(13)), speaking to national organization on testing software in election systems, I am busu. Fitting it all into 24 hours does become a problem at times.

Sat Apr 15, 09:19:00 AM CDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"I was locked out of Bethlehem Lutheran Church at the cornter of Hwy 145 and Country Aire at 8:20 pm."

The door may have been locked by building mtce - not the poll workers, but you were still able to get inside. I spoke with you INSIDE the building around 8:30. Remember?? So, perhaps a more honest post would have been: The door was locked early, but I was still able to get inside.

Tue Apr 18, 06:37:00 PM CDT  
Blogger John Washburn said...

Only because I nearly broke my hand pounding on the door until I got the attention of the building custodian.

Regardless of who locked the does does not alter the fact that you, as an election official, are charges with insuring the statutory requirements of 7.41 be met. Violation of which is at best misdemeoner election fraud under 12.60(2)(a).

But as long as we are being honest here. How did Christine Micka get in and out of the building by 8:30 pm and not notice the doors were locked and locked behind her? A chief poll inspector inside the building may not have known the door is locked. The village clerk who passed through the doors surely must have noticed they were locked.

Given that I have arrived in the past as late as 9:30 pm and entered through unlocked doors at Bethlehem Lutheran School, it is hard to claim ignorance you did not know the doors need to remain open to the public.

Thu Apr 20, 02:23:00 PM CDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You're a real piece of work :-(

Thu Apr 27, 07:13:00 PM CDT  
Blogger Paul Malischke said...

7.41 does not mention the municipal facility where the votes from the various polling places are aggregated. Does that mean Milwaukee can close down their clerk's office on election night?

Sat Apr 29, 06:42:00 PM CDT  
Blogger John Washburn said...

It is John.

Still no word on the "harm" which is caused by overseeing that election laws are not broken.

Two example of this is would be November 2, 2004 and April 5, 2005 when the AccuVote optical scanner mistabulated the ballots in Germantown District #1.

A mistabulation BTW confirmed by a 100% hand count by poll inspectors that night. But, where the clearly mistabulated results on the cash-register-like poll tape were none the less certified as if the poll tape results were correct.

Forgive me if I would like to see my home voting district run a straight election.

Mon May 01, 08:12:00 PM CDT  
Blogger John Washburn said...

In a round about way 7.41 does mention the central counting location such as Milwaukee.

7.51 defines the local board canvass

Specifically 7.51(1) states:
Canvass procedure. Immediately after the polls close the inspectors shall proceed to canvass publicly all votes received at the polling place. In any municipality where an electronic voting system is used, the municipal governing body or board of election commissioners may provide or authorize the municipal clerk or executive director of the board of election commissioners to provide for the adjournment of the canvass to one or more central counting locations for specified polling places in the manner prescribed in subch. III of ch. 5. No central counting location may be used to count votes at a polling place where an electronic voting system is not employed. The canvass, whether conducted at the polling place or at a central counting location, shall continue without adjournment until the canvass is completed and the return statements are made. The inspectors shall not permit access to the name of any elector who has obtained a confidential listing under s. 6.47 (2) during the canvass, except as authorized in s. 6.47 (8).

Since the local board canvass (adjourned to a central location or not) is must be open to the public, 7.41 applies.

Mon May 01, 08:31:00 PM CDT  

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