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Friday, January 05, 2007

November 2, 2004 Still Under Investigation

On November 27, on WISN Milwaukee City Police Chief Nannette Hegerty stated that the Joint Task force investigating the election fraud perpetrated during the November 2, 2004 in the City of Milwaukee was complete. I challenged this. I have been actively looking for the final report from this task force. The investigation by this task force has interrupted my investigation, has been used as the pretext by the WI SEB to not process my election complaint, and has delayed the production of more than 600 records I requested from the City Election Commission.

Upon calling the FBI, the Milwaukee County DA, the Milwaukee City Police department, the hot line for the Joint task force, I got the run around. FBI agent David Gore was unsure of the investigation status but was adamant the evidence (ballots, poll books, registration cards, etc.) where held by the office of the Milwaukee County DA. The DA records officer, James Martin was equally adamant the election material was not held by the Milwaukee county DA. The MPD never returned my calls.

This prompted me to make a formal open records request of the Milwaukee Police department for the final report of the task force. And to make the request more clear I included a copy of the preliminary report released in May 2005.

Today I received confirmation from the office of the US Attorney for Eastern Wisconsin that the investigation “just finished” and the final report should be available within 30 days.

It seems suspicious that just as someone makes an open records request, the final report is suddenly “almost done”.

My question is where did the evidence go and when will it be returned so my election complaint can finally go forward and Greg Borowski, Owen, SteveGG can possible resume OUR investigations into and open records requests regarding the City of Milwaukee fraud fest conducted from October 1, 2004 to to November 2, 2004.

Where is the evidence from the November 2 2004 election right now? I have yet to get a straight answer to that question.


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