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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Internet fund raising

Supporters of Fred Thompson such as Blogs for Fred and Sean at the American Mind are hoping to replicate the November 5th fund raising success of Ron Paul.

It is called Fred's Giving Day. The Ron Paul campaign posts its donation information online. Fred Thompson's campaign does not.

Rumors are Fred's Giving Day has less than 500 people pledging. Ron Paul's next money bomb is scheduled on the aniversary of the Boston Tea party.

The effort on Thompson behalf looks on track to garner less than $100,000 (500 people at $200 per). Tea Party 2007 on behalf of Ron Paul looks on track for $5.5 Million (50,000 at $110 per).

On December 17th we will know about the December 16, 2007 Tea Party.

I wonder if Fred's campaign let us know this Friday the ammount raised by Fred's Giving Day or will we have to wait until the Q4, 2007 FEC reports are released in Feburary 2008?

[As poor as Fred's Giving Day may have done, it looks as if Barak Friday may have done even more poorly.]


Blogger Sean Hackbarth said...

John, I must make it very clear the campaign had nothing to do with the event. It was a grassroots effort in the same way Nov. 5 was. The reason I never mentioned it on my weblog was to prevent speculation the campaign was behind the effort.

The first I heard about it was a mention on the campaign weblog a few weeks ago. And I've been following it as different weblogs picked up on it.

Fri Nov 23, 01:22:00 PM CST  

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