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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

In Memorium - John Gideon

I was stuck with the news that one of my friends, John Gideon, had died today. Well, yesterday, since it has taken me until after midnight to compose my thoughts on the passing of this great man.

John Gideon was the co-founder of VotersUnite.org, the editor of the Daily Voting News, and a tireless advocate for justice and election integrity. You can read more of his work in this eulogy at the BradBlog.com.

But, John is and was more than his work.

I have a limited number of friends and I count myself blessed to be able to claim John Gideon as one of them. I only physically met John Gideon once when we attended the National Summit to Save Our Elections in October of 2005. Over the past 3-1/2 years we often worked together via email and telephone. In that time, we became friends.

I have benefited greatly from his sage advice, his affectation for technical incompetence, his stiff-necked inspiration, but mostly from his good humor.

More than once he reminded me that Liberty in general and election integrity in particular is a day to day swim against a sometimes stiff current. His humor and optimism combined with his diligence and persistence is/was an inspiration to me an others.

My world, our world, is smaller and poorer place for his absence. I will remember and cherish our friendship until the day I am called home.

Good bye, My Friend. Truly, may you now rest in peace where the yoke is easy and the burdens are light.


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