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Sunday, August 21, 2011

I wish we had peace officers in this county

but we don't. This country has replaced its peace officers with police officers and law enforcement officers; Mindless drones enforcing the dictates of the ruling upon the ruled without regard for Justice, Truth, Mercy, or even common sense.

Here are some citizen-assaulting LEO's at work this weekend in the government's capitol, Washington D.C. I count three criminal assaults by one LEO alone, but LEO's don't enforce laws against the anointed Blues, only against mundanes.

I take delight and see great hope in the fact that several random American people from American society recognize citizen-assaulting jack boots when they see them and more importantly:


It underscores the truth that: The antidote for vision 1984 is the spirit of 1776.

The "law is the law and we just enforce the law" is the same rationalization used by East German border guards as they attempt to kidnapped this woman(seen at 0:47) And history remembers East Germany Law Enforcement Officers (and Moaist, Peronista, and Bush-Obama LEOs as well) with such revernece and fondness that all mothers want their babies to grow up to be LEO's.

For the compare and contrast between peace officers and law enforcement officers though one need look no farther than the Andy Griffith show where the peace officer, Sheriff Andy, has to reign in law enforcement officer, Deputy Ferguson.I'd say out-of-control Law Enforcement Officer, but that would imply LEO's are sometimes IN control of themselves or a situation. Evidence is scant on that proposition.

I love the D.C. video because of the Freedom-loving defiance that blossoms whenever Liberty is curtailed as a once free society shuts down. As the song says: Big Brother's marching so we all stand in his way.

Resistance is not Futile because Resistance is Victory.

As Americans animated by the spirit of 1776, we have not only the opportunity to stand in Tyranny’s way, as Americans, as the Grandsons of Liberty, we have the obligation to do so.


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