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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Thoughts on Sex Offenders

First, I have to say this is not an ideal location. Aside from the NIMBY factor, we have a location with woods and a river for use as an escape route and/or as a crime location. A group home surrounded by 100 yards of well-lit pavement (regardless of location) is better.

But, I wanted to address the larger question of criminals. We seem to be ignoring that there are only 3 ways societies deal with those who will not live by societial norms:
1) We can kill them.
    1a) either by the State in the form of the death penalty
    1b) or by allowing armed victims to kill their attackers.
2) We can exile them.
    2a) Internally, in jails
    2b) Externally, E.g. Botany Bay, Devils Island, Manhattan, or the moon.
    2c) or Virtually through the social mechanism of Shunning.
3) We can endure their possible future predations
    3a) By Pardon
    3b) By Parole
    3c) By Probation
    3d) By Work Release
    3e) By release to a group home
    3f) or By unrestricted release

Those are the 3 choices available and the current variations on the theme. The group home is a variation of option 3.

Personally, I like option 1b, because it reduces the need for any of the other options. But, I also thought this meant this was unconstitutional. But the ladies in the black dresses say otherwise. (Yes, that includes you, Ms. Crooks). I know when I voted for the constitutional change in 1998, I foolishly thought the either the security or the defense clause would mean the State Constitution would trump state statute. Thus, Wisconsin would revert to the blood-soaked legal environment of Vermont with regards to concealed carry. But, alas, the Ladies say no and victim disarmament continues in Wisconsin.

Some day I may live in a free society. But with my advancing age, I will settle for living in a society which has government (either a Republic or Conferderacy) where government power is limited, enumerated, divided and restrained by written constitution.


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