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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Now on to to block Diebold DRE

Here is my open records request regarding the Diebold application for certification in Wisconsin:

To: D. Richard Rasmussen
Wisconsin State Elections Board
17 West Main Street, Suite 310
PO Box 2973
Madison, Wisconsin  53701-2973
Since, Diebold HAS applied for certification in Wisconsin, I would like to make the following open records request.  These may overlap.  If so, one copy of a given document will suffice.
  1. I would like all records submitted by the vendor, Diebold, pursuant to the application requirements of ElBd7.01
  2. I would like all records submitted by the vendor, Diebold, to support the vendor claim the vendor’s voting machinery is certified under the 2002 EAC/NASED voting standards.
  3. I would like to know the 2002 certification number issued for the machinery the vendor Diebold has submitted for certification.  For example the certification number for AccuPoll is FEC-N-2-13-22-22-001 (2002). What is Diebold’s certification number?
  4. I would like all the reports and documents created by the independent testing authority (ITA) pursuant to the ITA recommendation for the issuance of the 2002 certification number
  5. I would like the name and address of the ITA to which the vendor, Diebold, to which submitted its system for testing and certification recommendation.
  6. I would like copy of the Physical Configuration Audit submitted by the vendor, Diebold, to the independent testing authority (ITA) which is required by section 8.7.1 of the EAC/NASED standards.
  7. I would like to see any test plan employed by the SEB staff to ascertain if the system presented to the Board Staff for the mock election testing under ElBd7.03 is the same system submitted to the ITA for certification.  This is done by comparing the description of each configuration item of the PCA of the ITA certified system to the configuration items of the actual system delivered to the board staff.  This is particularly important.  The vendor, Diebold, HAS lost its certification in California precisely because the system used in 4 elections (2 spring and 2 fall elections of 2004), were NOT the systems certified by the California Secretary of State for use in the state.  If the system delivered to the staff for mock election testing is not the 2002 certified system, there is no point in the staff wasting its time on the mock election testing of Elbd7.03.
Most of these documents should already be in the possession of the board staff as the documents are required by ElBd 7.01(1)(a) through ElBd 7.01(1)(g).  If the documents are not in the possession of the staff, the documents are readily available from the vendor or ITA from the EAC/NASED certification process.
Please contact me on the number of pages of this request and the cost for creating and mailing the copies requested.


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