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Thursday, March 31, 2005

List of Election Problems

It seems the long links in my prior table of problems is the root of my display problems. So here again (but better formatted) is the summary list of Wisconsin election problems.

Updates to this post are in green

Summary of Election Irregularities in Wisconsin. All items are for November 2, 2004 unless otherwise noted.

Bad / Corrupted Poll List.
1.Bad AddressesThe Republican party compared the addresses from a purchased mailing list to the addresses on the electronic version of the City of Milwaukee poll list. The City claims the commercial list had bad names. The party counters only addresses were compared, not names. The party claims 37,000 invalid addresses are present on the poll list and asks that registration records for such addresses be struck. The request is denied.
Fraudulent Voter Registration
2.Fraudulent Registrars Claims exist that the registrars hired by Project Vote were not qualified to be election registrars. Bad Registrars Trial is pending.
3.Fraudulent Registrations Claims exist that the registrars hired by Project Vote were committed election fraud by submitting registrations for non-existent people. E.g. Marquis F. Murff described in this article
4.Fraud In Room 501 Affidavits exist claiming an employee of the City Election Commission directed an election registrar to commit election fraud by directing the registrar to attest to examining identification papers of registrants when the registrar did not perform said document examination. Reported on the Mark Belling radio program by the witness to the activity
Absentee Ballot Problems
5.Absentee vote not delivered 238 absentee ballots not delivered to polling places. Since 6,000 nearly did not get delivered, 238 is not too bad. Documented in this article
6.Absentee vote envelope lacks Clerk Signature

The envelope containing an absentee ballot needs to be signed by the election official. In Milwaukee this is the office of the Election Commission

Documented in this article

Same Day Registration.
7.Registration Cards returned. Bad Address Address was entered onto the registration form. But the US post office returned the card as undeliverable address. Documented in articles here and here. Some unknown portion of 7,000 to 10,000 ballots are in this category.
8.Registration Cards returned. Person not at Address Address was entered onto the registration form. But the resident of the address returned the card as no such person, return to sender. Documented in this article. Some unknown portion of 7,000 to 10,000 ballots are in this category.
9.Registration Cards not mailed. (failure of officials to follow law) City of Racine failed to mail cards from same-day registrants until asked by reports as to when the cards were mailed. Mailing is required by state statutes. In the article, note the City of Racine had failed to do any such mailings for several years.
10.Registration Cards not mailed. (Card too illegible or incomplete to mail) City of Milwaukee. Many cards for same day registrants were either incomplete or illegible. Here is a example of such a card from the this article. (1300 such ballots cast)
Election Day.
November 2, 2004
11.People voted from invalid addresses Reported here and here
12.Double voting. Vote Absentee and in person. As reported here
13.Non-existing people voting. The mythical Marquis F. Murff cast a ballot on November 2, 2005
14.Double voting. Same name voting in 2 places An example is Nicholas J. Poethig.
15.Felons Voted 81 felons are confirmed to have voted out of a pool of 600+ possibles. Matching by age prevents further discrimination among the pool of 600+. Reported here. More of the same.
24.Software Failure600 votes not counted in Medford, Wisconsin. Nice of ES&S not to charge for the defective software. The clerk in Medford used the deck of test ballots provided by ES&S.
Canvassing Problems
16.More ballots than voters

This condition was reported here and is shown on this great map (note the 2 500+ errors are mistakes). More ballots cast than electors voting is expressly prohibited by state statute 7.51(2)(e)

17.Last Elector not recorded in log books As reported here . This is expressly required by state statute 7.51(2)(a).
18.Inspectors’ reports not filled out. This is expressly required by state statute 7.51(4). Related to SEB complaint filed by John Washburn of Germantown.
19.Inspectors’ reports not signed by poll inspectors This is expressly required by state statute 7.51(4). Related to SEB complaint filed by John Washburn of Germantown.
20.Inspectors’ reports not signed by Chief inspector This is expressly required by state statute 7.51(4). Related to SEB complaint filed by John Washburn of Germantown.
21.Erroneous machine tallies not rejected and required hand tallies not performed This is expressly required by state statute 7.51(2)(h). If errors are discovered in the machine tallies, the canvass must be done by hand. District 1 Germantown the machine tally was short 11 ballots, but the ballots were in the machine lock box. In Milwaukee, Neenah, Racine and elsewhere, machine tallies showed more ballots cast than electors. In still other places the machine tally showed fewer ballots cast then electors voting, but with no investigation by the poll inspectors as to the source of the discrepancy. At least Germantown found the discrepancy was from a software error.
25.Inspector not a Resident of MunicipalityOn February 15, 2005 the inspectors’ report for EB-104 for ward 13, Chief Inspector, Evelyn Triscari, noted in the incident report that the poll inspector, Carol Tellef, lived in the City of South Milwaukee and not the City of Milwaukee. This is a violation of 7.30(2)(a). The incident log clearly notes that the City Election Commission was called about the problem with the residency of Ms. Tellef. But, the log also notes that Ms. Triscari was ordered to keep Ms. Tellef. This is fraud under 12.13(2)(a). The question would be fraud by which election official?
26.Failed to Deliver Election Materials to Counties

Failure for Milwaukee county was reported here.

Documents for ward 274 should have been delivered to Waukesha County. Documents for ward 262 should have been delivered to Washington county.

I may have to reconsider my defense of Kevin Kennedy. "This is one of things we're discovering," said Kennedy. "You can't just do things the way you've always done them." Does this means fraud is the way we’ve always done things?
27.County Canvasses Certified without municipal records

Milwuakee county failure is reported here. Nor was the statutorily required messenger sent to the City of Milwaukee to get the required materials.

28.County Canvass Adds 100 Votes to Municipal Totals
(added June 12, 2005)
The county clerk in Shawano county added 100 votes to the 266 cast in the Town of Herman for George Bush. This caused an erroneous entry of 366 votes to be included in the certified State canvass for the town of Herman. The county and state canvasses have since been corrected to reflect the actual vote total of 266 votes. The original story details the error was introduced at the county level and propagated to the state canvass. This has prompted Governor Doyle to chide the legislature for inaction.

22.Investigations Stonewalled Greg Borowski of Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel blocked on all of the lines of investigation above.
Owen of Boots and Sabers blocked on the investigation of items 7,8, and 10
John of Washburn’s world blocked on the investigation of items 16-21.
23.Alfred E. Newman syndrome No fraud here. No fraud here that voter ID would reduce. See: any Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel Editorial between November 2, 2004 to present.


Anonymous Tom Spellman said...


Thomas Spellman
270 Country Club Dr #22
Lake Geneva WI 53147

District Attorney E Michael McCann
821 W State St
Milwaukee WI 53233

Dear Michael

The more I think about the 4,600 votes the more convinced I am that fraud is involved. For the same thing to happen 4,600 times in some 30+ wards and then not to happen in the rest of the wards just does not add. I have voted too many times in Milwaukee to think that the voters much less the poll workers would allow ballots to be given to voters who had not been checked in.

An interview with all the election workers in the wards with the extra votes will begin to tell the tale. I suspect they will be indignant when it is suggested that they gave out 100+ ballots to people who had not registered on the day or had been on the polling list.

It seems to me that if the TRUTH is to be known we first need to know if there are more ballots than voters or do we have the correct number of ballots but we have 4,600 more votes recorded on the optical scan machines. Once that question is answered then what you are looking for becomes simpler. If the ballots and voters are equal then we have someone hacking the machines (see black box voting article). If we have 4,600 more ballots than voters then we have someone altering the machines shortly before they were delivered to the polling sites. It is possible that a combination of the first and second scenarios might have occurred but that is getting more complicated.

It is critical that this be resolved as soon as possible!!!! I can not emphasis this enough. Our Democracy is hanging in the balance. I assume you are aware of the scandal building in Ohio. I assume that you are aware that a number of professionals question the accuracy of the last presidential election.

It may become your duty to expose the US Attorney and his investigation if he begins to stonewall your participation in this critical investigation.


Tom Spellman

Mon Jul 25, 07:38:00 AM CDT  
Anonymous susanpynchon@gmail.com said...

Dear John,
Thank you for your brilliant work on the problems in Milwaukee...and your perseverance!! I understand the "angry Jack-Russell-terrier" syndrome because I am experiencing the same reaction here in Florida as we investigate the failed Sarasota County election (November 2006) where 18,412 votes were not recorded in the close Congressional District 13 race. Keep up the great work...I am following the Wisconsin saga with great interest!
Best regards,
Susan Pynchon
Executive Director
Florida Fair Elections Center and Coalition

Tue Jul 24, 08:08:00 AM CDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This Spellman guy is a loon. He's an Alex Jones watching Conspiracy theorist with anger issues. He assaulted the city clerk in Lake Geneva, while serving as Alderman. He's nuts!!!


Sun Mar 29, 08:28:00 AM CDT  

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