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Monday, March 28, 2005

2 Wards Still AWOL

While I was examining the ward-by-ward totals for the city of Milwaukee I noticed 2 wards, 262 and 274, are not included in the state canvass. There are no numbers for these 2 wards in the ward-by-ward breakdowns for: President, US Senate, US House, or District Attorney. For State Senate the numbers are all zeros. I could not get the ward-by-ward numbers for State Assembly.

I checked the website of the City of Milwaukee Election Commission. Yes, there are 2 wards numbered 262 and 274. The polling place for ward 262 is listed as, 8463 N Granville Road(Firehouse - Engine 38). The polling place for ward 274 is listed as 12021 W Florist Avenue (River Trail School).

So how can this be an official (better yet, a complete) canvass when numbers for 2 whole wards are missing? This is good news for John Kerry. If these 2 wards are not in the state canvass then Kerry can add approximately 2,000 ballots from these 2 wards to his 8,384 vote victory margin in Wisconsin. This will just about offset the 3,000 votes which need to be removed from his 11,384 ballot victory margin stemming from undoing the box box stuffing in the City of Milwaukee.

I guess I need to add this to the list of 25 known election problems.


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