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Friday, March 25, 2005

To: Kevin Kennedy

I may have to revise my opinion of Kevin Kennedy. This quote" "There's really nothing voters can do at this point." set me to grinding my teeth.

A legal, local canvass should be performed at some point; by hand with a counting scale if needed. This one can handle 3 Kg (6 pounds) of ballots and resolves down to 1/5 of a gram. An opti-scan ballot masses about 5 grams. This means you could tear up a single ballot into 25 pieces before the scale would begin to produce possibly incorrect count. The local poll inspectors can sort the ballots by each race and candidate combination. Weighing the resultant piles gives you a very accurate count of the ballots (vote) in the pile.

Kennedy's reason for the "nothing to do" statement is that the period for recounts have closed. It is my amatuer legal opinion that the recount statutes are moot at this point, since a legally correct canvass was never performed. You can't re-count what you have never counted. State statutes 9.01(1)(a) sets the time window on petitioning for a recounting as not before the completion of the canvass and not later than than 5 days after the completion of the canvass.

Since there has not yet been a legal canvass, it is too early to file a petition for recount not too late.


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