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Thursday, March 31, 2005

Tax Schools as Sin

Education of children is becoming a religious issue.  Parents (fathers more so) are responsible to God for raising and educating their children. It is a common Christian and Jewish belief that G-d will demand an accounting on this point (all the actions of your life). 

If it becomes common doctrine to any large Christian or Jewish sect that sending children to the government youth propaganda camps is a dereliction of that duty, then enrollment in government tax schools will plummet; a GOOD thing.

I must point out though, the author's problem is that the public schools fail to support the parents in "rasing up a child in the way he should go". I agree with this point. But, this christian author's problem is not that government tax schools violate "Thou shall not steal".

I infer from the author's position that educating my children by stealing from my childless neighbors is OK if the curiculum does not undermine my parental authority and responsibilities.

Something is wrong with this "christian" picture. But, anything that motivates parents to rescue their children from the WEAC-run government youth propaganda camps is a good thing. I hope the Southern Baptists eventuall adopt this resolution.


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