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Monday, June 18, 2007

A Second Felony by Room 501

Kimberly Prude is not the only time the staff of City of Milwaukee Election Commission in Room 501 of City Hall have committed felonies with regard to staffing elections.

On February 15, 2005 (The Spring primary for non-partisan offices) the chief election inspector for City of Milwaukee Ward 13 was Evelyn Triscari. Ms. Triscari took her duties as chief inspector seriously. When she discovered that Carol Tellef, one of the election inspectors under her, did not live in the City of Milwaukee, but in fact lived in the City of South Milwaukee, Ms. Triscari told Ms. Tellef to leave and called down to Room 501 to have a replacement inspector sent to ward 13. Ms Triscari, the chief inspector for the ward was told by the staff in Room 501: "No you may not have a replacement and you must use the illegal poll worker, Ms. Tellef". Ms. Triscari, probably not realizing her authority as chief inspector is broad and supercedes that of Room 501 during polling hours, acceded to this demand and continued the election with the illegal poll worker.

This is felony committed by the staff of the Room 501. WI Stats. 12.13(2)(b) makes clear that it is a felony for the staff in Room 501 to in the course of the person's official duties or on account of the person's official position, intentionally violate or intentionally cause any other person to violate any provision of chs. 5 to 12 for which no other penalty is expressly prescribed.

In this case the City of Milwaukee Election staff in Room 501 in the course of their official duties knowingly instructed Ms. Triscari to violate the requirement that election inspectors live in the City of Milwaukee (WI Stats. 7.30(2)(a)) even after Ms. Triscari informed the staff that using Ms. Tellef was an express violation of the law.

Ms. Triscari did the only thing left to her, she wrote a very detailed account of this in the Election Inspectors' report (form EB-104) which is on file with the City Election Commission.

The usual canard of Room 501 is: "It's not our fault. There was too much votin' goin' on that day". On February 15, 2005 City Ward 13 had 79 voters for the whole 13 hours the polls were open that day. This was not a mistake because of "unusually high voter turnout".

This is about not following the law. Moreover, since it happened in such a low-turnout election, it is more about the habit of not following the law. It is about the habit of staffing polls based on seniority instead of staffing the polls by party nomination as required in WI Stat 7.30(2)(a). BTW, where is are the Democratic and Republican parties of Milwaukee on this? When was the last time the chairmen submitted nominees for poll workers to the City of Milwaukee as Wis 7.30(2)(a) asks them to do?

As can be seen in these two documents, the City Election Commission was very aware of this felony. One, Ms. Triscari told the commission staff by telephone there was a felony in progress. Two, Ms. Triscari wrote down in her official report (form EB-104) that a felony had been committed. Three, I personally informed both Sharon Robinson (Interim Executive Director), and Susan Edman (current Executive Director) of this felony. To the best of my knowledge, neither Ms. Robinson nor Ms Edman have contacted Ms. Triscari, Ms. Tellef, me, or the Milwaukee County DA on this matter.

But, in defense of the two executive directors, since John Chisholm continues the tradition of E. Micheal McCann of keeping Milwaukee County a "prosecution-free" zone for election fraud, why bother? Even if the directors had referred the criminal matter to Chisholm, would the Milwaukee County DA have acted?. Or would Chisholm have acted on the City Election Commission referral as vigorously has he has acted on the criminal referrals from the Wisconsin State Elections Board?


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