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Friday, September 07, 2007

Milwaukee is still a Prosecution-Free Zone

It's official. The Joint Task Force will not investigate election fraud in the City of Milwaukee committed during the November 2, 2004 election. More precisely no one on the task force will inform the taxpayers how the time on a 30 month "investigation" was wasted spent. There will be no final report explain the results of the continuing "investigation" promised in the preliminary findings published on May 10, 2005.

There will no description of how 40% percent of the ballots scanned by the optical scanner of Ward 192 have no record in the poll book as coming from an elector. No report of which election officials were or were not interviewed. There will be no report on how ward 192 at the French immersion Scholl has 640 extra ballots scanned by the machines, but the other two wards at the same location are only off by only 5 ballots and 1 ballot.

There will no report explaining the discrepancies in both wards of Riverside High school. There will no report explaining the discrepancies at Jericho Baptist Church. There will no report explaining the discrepancies found at Cass Street School or the Marquette Alumni Union.

There will be no report on which wards account for the 4606 extra ballots reported in the preliminary report. There will be no report on which election records were or were not examined to determine this total of 4606 extra ballots.

There will be no report on why the failure to create legally mandated election records such as poll books signature pages and inspectors’ reports has not resulted in prosecutions.

There will be no report on how 42 poll books have disappeared or whether the City of Milwaukee Elections Commission lost them or the 42 poll books were lost by the Joint task force. This is because when the City Election Commission illegally volunteered to give the original records of the November 2, 2004 election to the Joint task force, no one bothered to do an inventory of the records or create a receipt of the materials given to the Joint Task force. All is known at this time is sometime between 7:00 am November 2, 2004 and July 10, 2007 42 poll books disappeared.

According the office of the Milwaukee County District Attorney, it is not the responsibility of the Milwaukee County DA to produce a final report on 30 months of "investigation". According to Richard Frohling, assistant US attorney of Eastern Wisconsin, it is not the responsibility of the US attorney to account for 30 months of "investigation" with a final report either. Thus, both halves of the Joint Task Force claim there no one is responsible for writing a final report.

Milwaukee is still a prosecution-free zone for election fraud.

The task force will and has investigated and prosecuted voter fraud by individuals where each case created a single fraudulent vote. The task force will not investigate, prosecute, nor report on election frauds which stuff 4606 extra ballots in ballots boxes or investigate, prosecute, or report on the election officers who allowed it to happen.

But, if the joint task force should put out sweets and milk along with a stack of papers and if helpful brownies happen to write the final report, then rest assured, this brownie-produced final report will be published without delay.

February and November 2008 ought to be interesting as our reputation as a fraud-tolerant state increases and spreads across the country.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

John, are you talking about a joint task force with members from the Election Commission and the Ethics Board?

Tue Oct 16, 12:01:00 PM CDT  
Blogger John Washburn said...


I am talking about the Joint Task force between the US Attorney of Easter Wisconsin, Steven Biskupic, and the Milwaukee County Districat Attorney, E. Micheal McCann.

After two years the have missed the obvious and produced no final report of what was or was not investigated during the 30 months of "investigation".

I believe you are confusing the Joint Task Force with the new Government Accountability Board (GAB) which has not yet started here in Wisconsin. The initial startup dates was September 1, 2007, but that date has been missed with no notice of when the GAB board will finally be constituted.

Tue Oct 16, 12:20:00 PM CDT  
Blogger debinsheb said...

I am wondering where you got all the statistics on the inconsistancies that you site.

Mon Jan 07, 08:53:00 PM CST  
Blogger John Washburn said...

I get the statistics from examining the original election records which by a fluke of history still exist.

I you would like to examine them yourself, the records will be kept by the City of Milwaukee election Commission until this Friday, January 11, 2008 unless the Historical Society of Milwaukee consider these records of historical interest.

I also have a banker's box containing the following records from each of the 312 wards:
The last, signed pages of the poll books.
The beginning of the scanner end of day poll tapes.
The inspectors' report (the ones not lost that is).

Mon Jan 07, 11:15:00 PM CST  

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