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Friday, July 20, 2007

But, I did report this

My YouTube video has been picked up by Boots and Sabers. In the comments of the Boots and sabers entry, John advises me to observe, document, and report.

For two years I have observed, documented, and reported. For the specific items on the video, I did bring this to the attention of the City Election Commission. I reported it to Neil Albrecht that very night. I reported both the machine fault and the adjournment of the canvass to an undisclosed location.

The items on the tape are not isolated instances nor are they confined to the City of Milwaukee. Well, the adjournment was new.

On both November 2, 2004 and April 5, 2005 for Germantown District #1 the optical scanner had a similar software fault as on the video. The number of ballots cast as reported by the machine did not match the number of ballots given to voters according to the poll lists. In both cases the election officials positively identified the discrepancy as an error in the machine's ability to count. Locked in the ballot box beneath the scanner were the 3426 ballots the poll list stated were handed to electors not the 3415 total ballots the scanner claimed to have scanned. But, after proving the easiest number for the machine to count (how many pieces of paper went under the scanner lights) was absolutely, positively incorrect, the municipal clerk in boths cases then accepted every other number on the poll tape as if it were correct.

I reported the illegal poll worker for Milwaukee city ward 13, from the February 15, 2005 election to the City Election Commission in writing in March 2005. I reported this to the Wisconsin State Elections Board. I reported this to Officer Saxton of the joint task force.

I saw the same failure to reconcile the number of ballots cast (as reported by the machine) to number ballots distributed (as reported by the poll books) in the April 5, 2005 election for ward 188/189. I told the Election Commission of this in writing at that time.

In city ward 181 for the November 2, 2006, voted ballots were not secured and this fact was not discovered until three months later during the first ever random audit. During that meeting Mr. Albrecht explained to the staff of the state election board about a fascinating extra-legal entity called the “stray ballot bag”. It is the bag into which all the “stray ballots” are put. Stray ballots are voted ballots marked by electors which are found in voting machines bins by the county warehousing personnel as the voting machines are broken down for storage.

This recurring mis-canvassing of elections is part of my complaint before the Wisconsin State Election Board which has been on hold for two years because the City Election Commission hid the records with the Joint Task Force.

What more would the commenter John suggest I do?

I taped because all of these prior incidents slipped quietly into the dark waters of officialdom without a ripple. Then, those same official publicly proclaim: "There is no evidence of problems with the machines or the canvassing. Move along, Citizens, there is nothing to see here."

I refuse to "move along"


Blogger Real Debate said...

Keep fighting John

Fri Jul 20, 01:42:00 PM CDT  
Anonymous John said...

This is what I posted on Boots & Sabers:

1. There were obvious problems with the way the election was being conducted at the ward.
2. Whoever was videotaping, took it upon themselves to confront the election workers.
3. As a result, the videotaper caused as much chaos as he was observing.
4. He has now caused the problems to be dismissed by the city as being caused by himself.

Next time just observe, do not interject your self. All you are going to do is allow the other side to accuse you of causing the problems. You could have released the tape without interjecting yourself into the situation.

Mon Jul 23, 04:40:00 PM CDT  

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