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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Ballot Box Stuffing In Ward One??

I am beginning to go through the copies of November 2, 2004 election records provided to me last week.

It is so appropriate that there is a major discrepancy in the paperwork for the first ward I examined. Ward One is located in the Silver Spring Elementary School at 5131 North Green Bay Avenue. Here are the 4 pieces of paper I have received so far from the City Election Commission. They are:
The end of day poll tape generated by the Optech IIIP Eagle scanner
One of the two signature pages from the poll lists used during the November 2, 2004 election.
The cover page from the City’s copy of the inspectors’ report, and
The cover page from the County’s copy of the inspectors’ report.

The signatures on the cover pages of the inspectors’ reports are obvious forgeries. Both the names are bogus (e.g. Joe Doe) and are clearly written in the same hand. The hand which "signed" the inspectors’ reports does not match any of the signatures I redacted from the poll book list. Moreover, the person who signed the two inspectors' report did so twice; once for City copy and once for the County Copy. Creating false canvass reports is a felony under WI Stats 12.13(2)(b)4

The numbers do not match. The Optech IIIP Eagle claims it scanned 1219 ballots. On the poll book certification page, the poll workers claim 1071 ballots were handed to electors. On the Inspectors’ reports with the forged signatures, it is claimed 981 ballots were handed to electors. If I believe the machine and the poll book, then the ballot box in Ward One was stuffed with 148 extra ballots. If I believe the machine and the forged inspectors’ report, the ballot box is stuffed with 238 extra ballots.

This leads to two questions which fascinate me.

1) How many ballots are currently sealed in the ballot bag for Ward One; 1219 ballots, 1071 ballots, 981 ballots, or some other number of ballots?

2) How is that this anomaly was never discovered after two years of "investigation" by the Joint Task Force? What have US Attorney Steve Biskupic and the County District Attorney McCann/Chisholm been doing for two years if such clear statute violations were missed?

After all stuffing a ballot box is a felony under WI Stats. 12.13(2)(b)3 , removing the stuffed ballots from the ballot box (if discovered) is required under WI Stats. 7.51(2)c, and failing to remove extra ballots stuffed into a ballot box (if discovered) is a misdemeanor under WI Stats. 12.13(2)a. The felony and misdemeanor definitions for violations of WI Stats 12.13 are found WI Stats. 12.60


Anonymous David said...

Go get em John. You should get a list of bloggers to alert whenever this kind of crap occurs so that we can post links to you.


Wed Jul 18, 12:53:00 PM CDT  
Anonymous Roland Melnick said...

"Signatures of Election Inspectors: Jane Smith, Judy Doe, Joe Doe"

For the love of God.

Thu Jul 19, 03:48:00 AM CDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


I would like to talk with you about your concerns with the City of Milwaukee Election Commission.

Please contact me at prospectre@aol.com

Bob Spindell
Commissioner, City of Milwaukee Election Commission

Fri Aug 17, 11:21:00 PM CDT  

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