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Friday, December 28, 2007

WIVA is not Home Schooling

Mike Plaisted at Plaisted Writes continues to call the Wisconsin Virtual Academy home schooling such as in this post.

Now, I know Mike Plaisted loves tax-supported, youth propaganda camps, but this love blinds him to reality on this topic.

WIVA is NOT homeschooling. Never has been. Never will be.

The incessant and false advertising of WIVA and its parent corporation, K12, does not make it home schooling. Actual home-schoolers, have objected to the false advertising of Bill Bennett and K12 for years (here is another example).

I would have thought Mike was more discerning than to perpetuate the lies of Bill Bennett. But then, Bill Bennett and WEAC are allies in the common goal of destroying actual home schooling.

Let's compare traditional, Prussian common schools (aka WEAC-approved, government schools), WIVA, and actual home schooling and let a candid world decide.

 Prussian / Government SchoolsWIVAHome Schooling
Can I choose the curriculum?NoNoYes
Can I choose which 180 days I hold class?NoNoYes
Do I need to file an IEP in order to modify my child's curriculum?YesYesNo
Can I discuss the religious teachings of Jesus, Mohammad, Jehovah, or Buddha?NoNoYes
If WEAC goes on strike does my child’s education stop?YesYesNo
Is the primary educator required to be WEAC certified?YesYesNo
Can I steal from my childless neighbors to pay for the education of my child?YesYesNo
Can I take the house of my childless neighbor if they refuse to pay for the education of my child?YesYesNo

The only reason WEAC had standing in out to bring suit is because WIVA is a tax-supported, government school. If it were home schooling, then WEAC (thanks to Wisconsin v Yoder) would have been powerless to call on the courts to shut down this effort to educate the public.

The next time WEAC, WIVA, or K12 lie again, just remember:
WIVA is not home schooling!
Never has been.
Never will be.


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