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Sunday, January 06, 2008

Saturday ABC Debates

I am watching the tape of the debate from earlier this evening. Blunders and Brilliance

World View
Q: What are the world view, ethics, and philosophy which do and will guide your politics and presidency?
A: The six non-conservatives: The Constitution.
    As long as they don't have to listen to it or be inconvenienced by the actual words of the Constitution. Fred Thompson was the worst hypocrite here by quoting Madison’s enumerated powers argument. He knows full well this is an argument which has not been followed since 1819 with McCulloch v Maryland.
A:Ron Paul: Lip service is worthless. We [candidates and office holders] should all be bound down by the Constitution. I think Paul came off well on this exchange because, other than Thompson, he sounded like someone who routinely reads the Constitution.

Health Care
Romney: I like mandates. (blunder)
Thompson: You like mandates?
Romney: I will tell you the mandates I agree with.
Thompson: The one you come up with."

I was unfair to state Fred Thompson needs better, Law-and-Order caliber writers. If this was ad hoc as it looked, Fred Thompson has a quick wit, because that was a brilliant riposte.

And then Huckabee following up that Smoke Free America is the answer because the power of the Federal government should prevent "unhealthy" choice. Oh, and by the way the federal run health care system should be economic magic: affordable or free, high quality, and universally accessible. Ignore the laws of economics means you can find Huckabee's wellness care "system" right next to herds of unicorn grazing on grass of Glaukos.

Head to Head on Obama
For us Republicans, this is the question. Who will best defend, champion, and prevail on the Republican principles of small government, taxes, victim disarmament, securing the border, eroding the democratic base by getting "Reagan Democrats" back.
Thompson: Windfall tax? No. (Brilliant. This should be an ad in production tomorrow and on the air in SC by Wednesday. Short, unequivocal answers play well IF you believe the answer is from the heart.)

My predictions for 2008:
McCain/Lieberman ticket will be the independent run not Ron Paul. Should Ron Paul not get the nomination during the Minneapolis convention, he will run for Governor Texas as the Republican he is and not as President as a non-Republican.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

FRED THOMPSON is the best person to lead this country. He is a true conservative and has been his entire life. All one has to do is check his record to see this.

During my time in the Army as an Intelligence Analyst, I served under both Presidents Carter and Reagan (as my commanders in chief). Without argument, President Reagan was the best commander-in-chief a military person could ever have served under. Fred Thompson possesses the same qualities and vision as President Reagan in that he is strong on national defense and sees a dire need to secure our borders and control immigration.

I can think of no better person to lead this country and fix the problems we have. He is the only candidate from either party who has specific and detailed plans on border security and immigration reform; revitalization of America’s armed forces; saving and protecting Social Security; and tax relief and economic growth. These are detailed on his Web site at www.fred08.com . I challenge you to find any other candidate who has laid out specific plans to fix anything.

Fred Thompson has published his first principles, some of which are mentioned above. In addition to those, he strongly believes in individual liberty, personal responsibility, limited government, federalism, traditional American values, the rule of law and is a strong proponent of the Second Amendment — all concepts established during the birth of our country and documented in our Constitution.

Again, try to find any candidate who has laid out their plans to “fix” this country. You will find they all speak in vague and abstract terms on their plans.

For those who have heard Fred Thompson speak, you will usually hear him say that the Fred Thompson you see today is the same Fred Thompson you saw yesterday and is the same Fred Thompson you will see tomorrow. He stands by his principles and values and doesn’t shift his positions based on polls or public opinion; in other words, he doesn’t say what the voters want to hear just to get elected, but remains steadfast on his views and convictions.

During his time in the Senate he focused on three areas: to lower taxes, strengthen national security and expose waste in the federal government. Fred Thompson has foreign policy experience, having served as member of the Senate Foreign Relations and Senate Intelligence committees.

As chairman of the Senate Governmental Affairs Committee, he opened the investigation in 1997 on the Chinese government’s attempt to influence American policies and elections, and this investigation identified connections with the Clinton administration (documented in the committee’s report).

As a member of the Finance Committee, he worked tirelessly to enact three major tax-cut bills. Fred Thompson remains steadfast and even though a person may not agree with all his views and he understands some may disagree with him, you can count on him to be consistent and unwavering.

Don’t be fooled by his laid back approach and what critics call his “laziness.” As a former assistant U.S. attorney, he earned a reputation as a tough prosecutor and he possesses the toughness this country needs in order to tackle today’s and tomorrow’s issues.

I ask that you take a hard look at what this country needs, then take a hard look at all the other candidates’ views, policies, their records and their track record on consistency. Fred Thompson possesses integrity, loyalty, commitment, energy and decisiveness, all traits of an effective leader, and will emerge as the best person to take this country boldly forward.

Please help Fred win in South Carolina:

Sun Jan 06, 06:10:00 AM CST  
Blogger John Washburn said...

No. Ron Paul is the best person to lead this country. I am impress that Fred Thompson may not be as an atrocious second choice as I thought before.

As an intelligence analyst you, more than most, should understand the term "blowback". A humble foreign policy is a SAFER foreign policy. Unprovoked invasions of other countries based on lies and then on ever shifting rationales is not national defense.

I think Senator Thompson's lack of accomplishment and his "laziness" is a virtue in a President. "First Do No Harm".

But, we will each see. The race to the brokered convention in Minneapolis is long and does not favor sprinters.

Sun Jan 06, 02:34:00 PM CST  

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