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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Why are the Texas emails important?

This is response to Watchdog who thinks me and the donors who paid $611 dollars for emails "wasted" the money and are wasting the time of the Governor's staff.

Until I started this lark in November of 2007, the only scandal I knew of from Texas was the TYC scandal. This scandal is where the the boys incarcerated by the Texas Youth Commision (TYC) were routinely raped and assaulted by organized ring of pederasts which ran the TYC from 2003 until early 2007. I did not know my email project and the systematic abuse at the TYC were related. But, it turns out the two stories were deeply intertwined.

In early 2007, Office of the Governor lied about when he got emails from the Texas Rangers on the the raping of young boys. Those TYC emails have gone down the "memory hole".

The Governor's response is "find the emails I deleted". The position of Governor Perry's spokesman is: No emails means there is no proof the Governor's office knew about the rapes at the TYC earlier than March 2007. Pay no attention to that Texas Ranger, Burzynski, behind the curtain.

Watchdog, aren't you as a Texan just a little bit curious what else the Governor's office has stuffed down the memory hole?

Here are two possibilities now that I have found from skimmed recent Texas articles.
  • Emails between the Governor's Office and the contractor(s) renovating the mansion?
  • Emails between the Governor's office and Cintra? The Cintra deal for 50 years worth of tolls from Texas roads makes "Diamond" Jim's casino deal look cheap in comparison
Policy and how it is formed matters. Email is the correspondence of the 21st cnetury and the means by which policy is shaped and crafted. Emails of government officials (not just those of Governor Perry) are important policy documents and important historical records.

Records the public has right and duty to examine.


Anonymous Watchdog said...

I just don't get it. You call yourself a republican, yes I read some of your other posts. But yet with soooo much other low hanging fruit available, you pick the Texas Gov. So that leads me to believe that your intentions are to make him look bad thus giving the Dems one more bullet for the next election. You don't believe a bad Rep is better then a good Dem ???? I don't believe there is a such a thing as a "good" Dem ... just some that are tolerable. Especially since you seem to lean to the extreme right can you understand my confusion. Diamond Jim, as you call him, should give you enough to keep you busy all of your waking hours. Seems like you got an axe to grind with Texas and your posts are coming off as personal.
I guess thats OK, but please review your intentions and consider the long term effects of your actions. Are they really in the best interests of Texas to make the current Gov look bad?
Oh by the way, I do not live in Texas.
(The Keeper of Commonsense)

Thu Jan 10, 06:16:00 PM CST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

dude, I understand what you're doing, but you have to understand the responsibility you take on when you request this stuff. you know damn well there are silly loopholes in the records laws and that you're in essence requesting phone conversations and private correspondence. if you'd ever been in politics you'd know that they're politics, they're real with real people and sweat and blood and tears and real opinions, and they don't pretend to pay homage to any pc bullshit, which is just cultural communism anyhow. if you're looking for scandal, cheers, but to libel staff for personal comments regarding personal and political issues is a heinous crime and you need to tread lightly. I'd love to listen to all of your phone conversations and read all of your emails from 2007. surely you'd be deemed a pervert and a sociopath, furthermore an idiot. Moreover you should direct your efforts to more productive places because being from Wisconsin you apparently haven't learned that the Governor doesn't hold much power in Texas, the legislature is where the action is, then the courts.

Thu Jan 24, 04:59:00 PM CST  
Anonymous watchdog said...

Wow anonymous, we need to get you into the watchdog collective!!!! Your ability to translate our frustations with guys like this and thier objectives, what ever they are, brought a smile to my face. Do you think they are really just that ignorant or is it the ego thing...I can't do any productive with my life so I'll try and make everyone elses as miserable as I can.

Wed Jan 30, 10:25:00 AM CST  
Anonymous Rob in Dallas said...

Since the two people I see posting comments do not seem to understand what is going on I feel obligated to jump in here. None of this is about Reps or Dems or fame or scandal trolling. This is about transparency in government and making our elected officials accountable for their actions as they perform state business on our behalves. Therefore all communications with public offices should remain on record for a reasonable period of time to allow for information requests by the public to be fulfilled. Corporations that only retain emails for 7 days can be fined by judges for millions of dollars for failure to preserve documents over a reasonable period of time. That sort of behavior from a public servant is totally unacceptable and John has done an excellent job of shining a light on this shady activity. The part I can't figure out is why nobody in Texas (including me) didn't think to create an issue about such questionable behavior. Saying its ok for politicians to be shady because politics is dirty defies logic on levels I can't even begin to explain. Good job John.

Wed Feb 06, 01:56:00 AM CST  

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