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Friday, July 25, 2008

Ruling of the Village Board of Review

As I expected the ruling today from the Board of Review for the Village of Germantown is to dismiss my objection to the assessment.

I believe my testimony was a spirited defense of the constitution and a fair recitation of the precedent that even inspections need to conform to the 4th Amendment and to Article 1 Section 11.

The attorney for the Village stated the function and jurisdiction of the Review Board is to correct mistakes made by the Assessor and that to do a warrantless search of my property is a mistake "in cosmic sort of way" by the Assessor, but, the review board does not have jurisdiction. I was advised by the village attorney to take up my case with the Wisconsin Department of Revenue and/or the Wisconsin Courts.

The Board followed the reasoning of the village attorney and declined to grant the remedies within their power which I sought.

The Board of Review moved and then voted unanimously to close the matter of my objection because the correcting the constituional, statutory, or cosmis mistakes of the village assessor is outside the jurisdiction of the Village Board of Review.

The matter is now closed.


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