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Monday, January 28, 2008

Complaint kicked upstairs to the AG

On December 28, 2007, I re-filed my 5.08 complaint against Washington County Clerk, Brenda Jaszewski, with the Wisconsin State Attorney General.

The haeart of this dispute is the failure to create backups of the data found on the memory cards used in various pieces of election equipment within the county

As of last week the official word is that the matter is "under review". The AG has 45 business days (March 6, 2008) in which to make a decision on the merits of the complaint.

Waiting to see what J.B. Van Hollen will do or not do.


Anonymous Watchdog said...

Tisk Tisk Tisk,
Another example of how to try to do the right thing but not having a clue on how to do it. AND make a lot of good people waste (YES WASTE) some of there valueable time. Most of these people in the trenches have there hands tied by the system with orders, mandates, etc. (don't forget budgets) that come from places out of thier control. This is another case where you could have done a MUCH better more respectible job, if you would know who your real target is.

Mon Jan 28, 08:00:00 AM CST  
Blogger John Washburn said...

And who are my "real targets" when my village and county clerks are not creating the election laws mandated by state Law?

Since you are so interested in my efficiency, I would like to know how I go about protecting these election records? Both state and federal law require the creation and retention of these records.

Or are you upset that I am "wasting" the time of Republican Jaszewski, Republican DA Martens, and Republican Van Hollen, instead of "wasting" the time of Democrats in Milwaukee?

Mon Jan 28, 08:10:00 AM CST  
Anonymous Watchdog said...

First ... I don't know the political affiliations for all areas of commomsense I work with. Commonsense comes first. But now that you have mentioned them as Republicians ... you really are hopeless. You guys are a dime a dozen... can't see the forrest thru the trees. May I ask you to post your letter regarding this matter, not the offical request, but bringing this matter to the attention of the Clerk and how you would like to offer whatever help, since you are so interested, that you may offer. What doesn't exsist ???? Wll then ... let's just jump right to litigation. That's the American way.
Commonsense alert ... there is a right way and a wrong way to approach issues like this .. regardless of party. The wrong way is to put your interests first.
Later ...
Oh Yeah yeah ... good call on the Texas thing. There maybe hope :-)

Mon Jan 28, 12:30:00 PM CST  
Anonymous Trex said...

I like what your doing but I must agree with WD on some of your methods. Do you have any proof of malice or intentional actions not to follow the statue? You stated earlier that you don't believe any of the clerks are following the statue. If that's the case I wouldn't have picked on your clerk in particular. If they are all not doing it is far bigger then the lowely local clerk. It is not a place to say that you got to start somewhere.

Mon Jan 28, 07:15:00 PM CST  
Blogger John Washburn said...

Yes, I agree that Ms. Jaszewski, is bearing the brunt of this in some sense. But, I live in Washington County. It is where I have standing. I have to file with my DA.

In 2005 and 2006, I pointed out to the SEB and county clerks the security flaws of the Diebold system Ms. Jaszewski uses. I pointed out haw this system fails to meet several of the statutory requirements of 5.91.

Ms. Jaszewski referred to these objections as "security crap". She then went before the State Election Board and insisted this system be used in spite of these known short comings. The 11 clerks stated that people and policy can overcome the statutory failings of the Diebold system.

I have tried to work wtih Ms. Jaszewski on this. Her position is that the Deibold/Premier system does not have this feature, therefore she does not have to make the backups required under WI Stats 7.23.(1)(g). Go talk to the WI SEB/GAB. I have done that. The SEB position is they handle nothing criminal even if it is election related.

So, again I live in Washington county. I have little choice where to pursue the remedies available to me under the law.

One of the many things on these memory cards is the actual programming that tallies votes. That should not be destroyed without backup.

A more practical reason is that the storm brewing for Wisconsin in 2008 is shaping up to make 2000 and 2004 look like summer breezes. Better to resolve this matter before November than after.

Tue Jan 29, 06:50:00 AM CST  
Anonymous watchdog said...

OK, I have made a few phone calls over there (Wi) to some old buddies of mine. Way more then I should have. They don't know any of the clerks (county or otherwise)personaly but do know a little about the system (election)they need to work in and your "BS" as they call it,actions.
First since you didn't repond to an earlier request (Trex) on proof of malice, and you didn't post a letter offering your concerns and help, I will assume they don't exist as expected. So any conversation between you and Ms. Jaszewski is purely he said she said.
Next ... I would also expect that your "security crap" comment is much inflated. Putting myself in thier shoes, anything that would make my job more difficult and as I felt unnessary because reason and purdant actions were already in place would probably not make my day. It is VERY obvious you have ZERO clue into the perparation needed for even a single refendum question on a ballot.
Next ... When you say Ms. Jaszewski "insisted" on the diebold system I underatsnd it was the lesser of two evils given the choice. I wonder what you would have dome understanding the rules that were in place. I sounds like she made the right recommendation based on the mandate hearing about the alternatives.
I am waiting on more info and details will be coming shortly, I think.
(Lets get back to comonsense!!!)

Tue Jan 29, 12:00:00 PM CST  

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