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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Number-less Election Records

Signed Election records without numbers. Who knew such things were possible. O yeah, Wisconsinites.

But Palm Beach, Florida is looking to follow in our numberless footsteps.

From the Sun-Sentinel this Weekend:
Election officials stumped by about 3,400 missing ballots

I love the quotes from the supervisors on the Board of Election Supervisors:
  • Cohen said he would be "absolutely stunned and disappointed" if they were found sitting somewhere, uncounted.

    Cohen said the board's job is to create a record of the recount, follow mandated steps and send up the results to Tallahassee. "Unfortunately, I don't think it's my position to make any sense out of it," he said.

  • County Commissioner Addie Greene, also a board member, said she didn't notice whether numbers were filled in on the report she signed.

    "I really wasn't looking for them. I didn't know they were supposed to be on there," Greene said.
But, the state of Florida is equally adamant:
  • The state canvassing board has no authority to intervene, said Jennifer Krell Davis, a spokeswoman for the Florida Division of Elections. "The results are the results," she said.
So with 3,478 ballots unaccounted for the voters of Palm Beach County are supposed to believe that one of the candidates won by 60 ballots of between 99,045 and 102,523 ballots cast.


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