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Friday, April 01, 2005

Election Task Force at work

More from the web-site of the state senate sub-commitee on election legislation.

The usual solution to a scandal is to form a task force to study the problem until the public's attention wanes. The city of Milwaukee election commission is following this old, but, very successfull strategy for the present scandal. If you read the mission and objectives of the task force you will notice neither eliminating fraud nor complying with state election law is the mission nor an objective of this task force.

The Milwaukee Election Task Force is using the, now thread-bare, excuse that November 2, 2004 election issues were all caused by exceptionally high voter turnout. That does not explain the illegal canvasses in September 14, 2004, the illegal poll inspector for ward 13 on February 15, 2005 or the still corrupted poll lists to be used this Tuesday on April 5, 2005.

That mendacity aside, The Milwaukee Election Task Force reported to the state senate sub-commitee on election legislation on March 23, 2005. What has the task force has been doing? Why meeting with each other. And only once at that.

Now, I make no secret my obssession is the illegal local board canvasses performed by poll inspectors. There are other problems and there is a sub-commitee for each. But, I focused on the sub-committee which addresses poll workers. Here are the agenda items for this sub-committe as reported by Sharon Robinson.

Poll Worker Recruitment
Orientation and Training

Compensation!! I expect PAID workers to be fired for breaking the law, not get a RAISE for breaking it!


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