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Friday, April 01, 2005

Recalls in Wisconsin are too EASY?

This from the web-site for the state senate sub-commitee on election law is this gem buried in the minutes from February 23, 2005.

Apparently, recall elections in Wisconsin are too easy. Getting 1 voter in 4 to sign a recall petition within 30 days is just too darn inconvienient for those in office. The proposal calls for:

Suggestions for Modifications to the Law
The committee should consider modifying the law so that recall petitions should state the grounds that constitute cause for a recall of officials, e.g., neglect of duty or official misconduct. Also,the number of signatures required on recall petitions should be increased.

If 25% of the voters are signing a petition within 30 days, I suspect the grounds for recall are well known. The extra boiler plate requirement will become a new way to dismiss whole pages of signatures when contesting a recall petition. And why is 25% of the voters too low? For a city-wide office in the city of Milwaukee the recall number until September 2, 2006 is about 55,000. This is too small a group of citizens to be listened to?

State Senator Joe Leibham, 9th Senate District, heads this sub-committee. Remember, if you contact him, this item is a proposal for legislation. It is not legislation. It is not a bill which has even been enrolled. It is not even a proposal for legislation from this sub-commitee. It is just a proposal someone gave the sub-committee to consider passing on to the state senate as a whole.

Again, be nice if you contact the senator.


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