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Friday, April 01, 2005

Robinson sees no fraud

In her testimony (a 72 Mb mp3 file) before the state senate sub-committee on election law, Ms robinson stated she has seen no evidence of fraud; Voter inconvienence yes, but no fraud. But, Ms. Robinson has been reading of the stories of fraud in Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel.

Sharon Robinson wanted the sub-committe and the public to believe that the chairwoman of the Milwaukee Election Task force and the interim Executive Directory of the Milwaukee Election Commission has to read the newspaper to determine if any fraud was committed by an election official.

That is simply preposterous.


Anonymous steveegg said...

I probably said it before, but Milk Carton Barrett's "task force" has but one mission; whitewash.

Fri Apr 01, 08:10:00 PM CST  
Blogger John Washburn said...

What really twisted my stem on that comment was that in order to file a complaint with Wisconsin State Elections Board, I had to PERSONALLY server her with my documentation of fraud by poll inspectors.

Sat Apr 02, 06:54:00 PM CST  

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