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Monday, September 19, 2005

Update on Diebold OR Request

I spoke with Faith at the WI State Election Board (SEB) this morning regarding the status on my OR request on materials submitted by Diebold as part of its application for certification to sell voting machinery in Wisconsin.

The SEB staff has assembled the documents for item 1-5 and item 7. The staff has gotten a verbal statement from Ian Piper of Diebold Election Systems, Inc (DESI or Diebold). Mr. Piper asserts all of item 6, the Physical Configuration Audit, is proprietary and trade secret information. The SEB staff has given DESI until end of day Friday to make this claim of proprietary-ness in writing.

Thus, the soonest I will recieve an estimate of the cost of the requested materials is Monday, September 26, 2005.

Two things about the conversation which boggle my mind are:

1) A description of what is the EAC/NASED 2002 certified system is proprietary. Without the description, how do you know if the system delivered is a certified system or not?

2) I had to correct Faith on what the Independant Test Authority (ITA) could be. She stated all the SEB staff has is a report from Wyle Labs. The thing is Wyle Labs is NOT an one of the 2 ITA which can recommend the issuance of an FEC/EAC/NASED certification number. Only Ciber, Inc and SysTest Labs, LLC. can certify voting machinery software. See the FEC/EAC/NASED certification proceedures for yourself. How is it a private (albeit somewhat obsessive on this topic) citzen knows more of the FEC/EAC/NASED certification process than the staff of the WI SEB?


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