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Monday, July 03, 2006

ES&S Programming is Unverifiable

The Secretary of State of the State of Iowa has confirmed the statements of Paul Craft and Steven V. Freeman.

ES&S programming found on ES&S optical scanners is not verifiable.

What this means is there is no way for an election official at either the state or local level to know if the programming running on their ES&S scanner is state certified or not.

Craft and Freeman also seem to imply the same unverifiability extends to the iVotronics DRE. The only documentation to date of this speculation is the reference to DRE's in the first Craft/Freeman email

The full description of this unverifiable software is found at: http://www.washburnresearch.org/archive/ESSFirmware/ESS-Firmware-001.pdf

The details are in a separate PDF because I need to use multi-colored graphics to illustrate my point. The inclusion of such graphics would be difficult as a blog entry. I encourage you to check out the full details. There is some technical material but the technical items are limited and I think the details and graphics are worth the link-through to the PDF document.