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Thursday, March 31, 2005

Tax Schools as Sin

Education of children is becoming a religious issue.  Parents (fathers more so) are responsible to God for raising and educating their children. It is a common Christian and Jewish belief that G-d will demand an accounting on this point (all the actions of your life). 

If it becomes common doctrine to any large Christian or Jewish sect that sending children to the government youth propaganda camps is a dereliction of that duty, then enrollment in government tax schools will plummet; a GOOD thing.

I must point out though, the author's problem is that the public schools fail to support the parents in "rasing up a child in the way he should go". I agree with this point. But, this christian author's problem is not that government tax schools violate "Thou shall not steal".

I infer from the author's position that educating my children by stealing from my childless neighbors is OK if the curiculum does not undermine my parental authority and responsibilities.

Something is wrong with this "christian" picture. But, anything that motivates parents to rescue their children from the WEAC-run government youth propaganda camps is a good thing. I hope the Southern Baptists eventuall adopt this resolution.

Disarmed Israeli's?

I am no fan of many of Israel’s policies, but this is not going to end well.

Jewish settlers urged in this article to give up weapons.

Aaron Zelman of JPFO is correct on this and "Innocents Betrayed" is the likely outcome.

List of Election Problems

It seems the long links in my prior table of problems is the root of my display problems. So here again (but better formatted) is the summary list of Wisconsin election problems.

Updates to this post are in green

Summary of Election Irregularities in Wisconsin. All items are for November 2, 2004 unless otherwise noted.

Bad / Corrupted Poll List.
1.Bad AddressesThe Republican party compared the addresses from a purchased mailing list to the addresses on the electronic version of the City of Milwaukee poll list. The City claims the commercial list had bad names. The party counters only addresses were compared, not names. The party claims 37,000 invalid addresses are present on the poll list and asks that registration records for such addresses be struck. The request is denied.
Fraudulent Voter Registration
2.Fraudulent Registrars Claims exist that the registrars hired by Project Vote were not qualified to be election registrars. Bad Registrars Trial is pending.
3.Fraudulent Registrations Claims exist that the registrars hired by Project Vote were committed election fraud by submitting registrations for non-existent people. E.g. Marquis F. Murff described in this article
4.Fraud In Room 501 Affidavits exist claiming an employee of the City Election Commission directed an election registrar to commit election fraud by directing the registrar to attest to examining identification papers of registrants when the registrar did not perform said document examination. Reported on the Mark Belling radio program by the witness to the activity
Absentee Ballot Problems
5.Absentee vote not delivered 238 absentee ballots not delivered to polling places. Since 6,000 nearly did not get delivered, 238 is not too bad. Documented in this article
6.Absentee vote envelope lacks Clerk Signature

The envelope containing an absentee ballot needs to be signed by the election official. In Milwaukee this is the office of the Election Commission

Documented in this article

Same Day Registration.
7.Registration Cards returned. Bad Address Address was entered onto the registration form. But the US post office returned the card as undeliverable address. Documented in articles here and here. Some unknown portion of 7,000 to 10,000 ballots are in this category.
8.Registration Cards returned. Person not at Address Address was entered onto the registration form. But the resident of the address returned the card as no such person, return to sender. Documented in this article. Some unknown portion of 7,000 to 10,000 ballots are in this category.
9.Registration Cards not mailed. (failure of officials to follow law) City of Racine failed to mail cards from same-day registrants until asked by reports as to when the cards were mailed. Mailing is required by state statutes. In the article, note the City of Racine had failed to do any such mailings for several years.
10.Registration Cards not mailed. (Card too illegible or incomplete to mail) City of Milwaukee. Many cards for same day registrants were either incomplete or illegible. Here is a example of such a card from the this article. (1300 such ballots cast)
Election Day.
November 2, 2004
11.People voted from invalid addresses Reported here and here
12.Double voting. Vote Absentee and in person. As reported here
13.Non-existing people voting. The mythical Marquis F. Murff cast a ballot on November 2, 2005
14.Double voting. Same name voting in 2 places An example is Nicholas J. Poethig.
15.Felons Voted 81 felons are confirmed to have voted out of a pool of 600+ possibles. Matching by age prevents further discrimination among the pool of 600+. Reported here. More of the same.
24.Software Failure600 votes not counted in Medford, Wisconsin. Nice of ES&S not to charge for the defective software. The clerk in Medford used the deck of test ballots provided by ES&S.
Canvassing Problems
16.More ballots than voters

This condition was reported here and is shown on this great map (note the 2 500+ errors are mistakes). More ballots cast than electors voting is expressly prohibited by state statute 7.51(2)(e)

17.Last Elector not recorded in log books As reported here . This is expressly required by state statute 7.51(2)(a).
18.Inspectors’ reports not filled out. This is expressly required by state statute 7.51(4). Related to SEB complaint filed by John Washburn of Germantown.
19.Inspectors’ reports not signed by poll inspectors This is expressly required by state statute 7.51(4). Related to SEB complaint filed by John Washburn of Germantown.
20.Inspectors’ reports not signed by Chief inspector This is expressly required by state statute 7.51(4). Related to SEB complaint filed by John Washburn of Germantown.
21.Erroneous machine tallies not rejected and required hand tallies not performed This is expressly required by state statute 7.51(2)(h). If errors are discovered in the machine tallies, the canvass must be done by hand. District 1 Germantown the machine tally was short 11 ballots, but the ballots were in the machine lock box. In Milwaukee, Neenah, Racine and elsewhere, machine tallies showed more ballots cast than electors. In still other places the machine tally showed fewer ballots cast then electors voting, but with no investigation by the poll inspectors as to the source of the discrepancy. At least Germantown found the discrepancy was from a software error.
25.Inspector not a Resident of MunicipalityOn February 15, 2005 the inspectors’ report for EB-104 for ward 13, Chief Inspector, Evelyn Triscari, noted in the incident report that the poll inspector, Carol Tellef, lived in the City of South Milwaukee and not the City of Milwaukee. This is a violation of 7.30(2)(a). The incident log clearly notes that the City Election Commission was called about the problem with the residency of Ms. Tellef. But, the log also notes that Ms. Triscari was ordered to keep Ms. Tellef. This is fraud under 12.13(2)(a). The question would be fraud by which election official?
26.Failed to Deliver Election Materials to Counties

Failure for Milwaukee county was reported here.

Documents for ward 274 should have been delivered to Waukesha County. Documents for ward 262 should have been delivered to Washington county.

I may have to reconsider my defense of Kevin Kennedy. "This is one of things we're discovering," said Kennedy. "You can't just do things the way you've always done them." Does this means fraud is the way we’ve always done things?
27.County Canvasses Certified without municipal records

Milwuakee county failure is reported here. Nor was the statutorily required messenger sent to the City of Milwaukee to get the required materials.

28.County Canvass Adds 100 Votes to Municipal Totals
(added June 12, 2005)
The county clerk in Shawano county added 100 votes to the 266 cast in the Town of Herman for George Bush. This caused an erroneous entry of 366 votes to be included in the certified State canvass for the town of Herman. The county and state canvasses have since been corrected to reflect the actual vote total of 266 votes. The original story details the error was introduced at the county level and propagated to the state canvass. This has prompted Governor Doyle to chide the legislature for inaction.

22.Investigations Stonewalled Greg Borowski of Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel blocked on all of the lines of investigation above.
Owen of Boots and Sabers blocked on the investigation of items 7,8, and 10
John of Washburn’s world blocked on the investigation of items 16-21.
23.Alfred E. Newman syndrome No fraud here. No fraud here that voter ID would reduce. See: any Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel Editorial between November 2, 2004 to present.

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Congratulations to Clerks

Below is the text of the letter I sent to the Village of Germantown clerk, Jane Wilms, and deputy clerk, Christine Micka.

Village of Germantown
P.O. Box 337
Germantown, WI 53022

Dear Ms. Wilms and Ms. Micka:

I want to thank you for your indulgence with me at the 5.84 testing of the ballot machines for the April 5, 2005 election. I am, by profession, a software tester of 11 years. My enthusiasm for this art can sometimes be lost on those who see software testing as, at best, a necessary chore.

Given that software testing is not your passion, you are both to be congratulated. Your decks of test ballots were excellent! If you ever decide to, you have the knack for software testing.

You created 4 test decks of 29 ballots each for a total of 116 ballots. For every race on the ballot, you had a test ballot for each of the following: not marked at all, simply marked, double marks with a write-in, double marked without a write-in (over-vote). Also you had a ballot which was completely blank. These are all included in the guidelines I had sent to the State Election Board earlier this month.

But, the congratulations should extend further. You performed tests I had not even considered. You tested ballots being scanned in all 4 possible orientations. You tested ballots marked with X's through the ovals instead of with well-filled ovals. You tested ballots marked in pen as well as pencil. And you also tested a district 4 ballot in the district 3 machine.

As a programmer and software tester, I do not understand the kind of programming defect the completely marked ballots is designed to uncover.

The test decks I created from photocopies of the sample ballots were larger. The decks contained 43, 41, 43, and 46 test ballots for Districts 1 through 4; respectively. The difference though is due to my deck containing more examples of each of the ballot types. For example, you had a deck marked for both Underheim and the write-in for Superintendent of Public Instruction for District 1. My deck for district 1 had this ballot and an additional ballot marked for both Burmanster and the write-in for Superintendent of Public Instruction. As I said, my deck just had more specific instances of each kind of ballot.

Again, well done.

In Liberty,
John Washburn

Apology to Dave of Carrick Bend

I own an apology to David of Carrick Bend. He objected to my characterization of Terri’s Law (Federal) as a Bill of Attainder. David pointed out and, on consideration, I agree: Terri’s Law (Federal) is not a BOA. A BOA requires 2 components; specificity and a punishment. Under the Brown ruling cited, the idea of punishment was expanded to include any judicial ruling not just punishment. Terri’s Law (Federal) has specificity in spades. Thus, if Terri’s Law (Federal) had fined someone or made a judicial judgment (E.g. put the tube back in or change guardianship to the Schindlers), it would be a BOA.

The more I think on the matter of this law, the more I believe Terri’s Law (federal) is a poor, but constitutional exercise of Congress’s power to set the scope of jurisdiction the federal courts ("constitute tribunals inferior to the Supreme Court").

Vote No on April 5

Vote NO on April 5 on the amendment to the Wisconsin state constitution.

The proposed constitutional amendment is to change the terms of county officers from 2 years to 4 years.

The motivation for this change is because these officials find it bothersome to file campaign finance paperwork for unopposed elections every 2 years. They would rather file the paperwork every 4 years for their unopposed elections.

Contested elections are best. But, let's be real. These officials are almost always unopposed when the run for re-election.

Unopposed elections every 2 years is better than unopposed election every 4 years.

Vote NO.

Monday, March 28, 2005

Ward 262, Where are you?

The answer is Washington county. Ward 262 is that funny little triangle piece on the map of the aldermanic district 9.

For Ward 274, the answer is Waukesha county. Ward 274 is that funny little square piece west of 124th street on the map of the aldermanic district 5.

According to the Washington county clerk, Brenda Jaszewski, she has never, in 14 years, asked for nor recieved any paperwork from the City of Milwaukee. The rationale is that there are no residential addresses in ward 262. I drive past this every day. True there are no residences on the west side of Wausaukee. No residential addresses is a thin excuse though, given that there is a business there and an elector may be in the same situation as Philip J. Petersen at 555 W. Air Cargo Way. Shouldn't there at least be a form EB-104 stating there are no registered voters, no ballots cast and nothing to tally?

There is no answer yet from the Waukesha county clerk. I suspect the situation is the same. But the area is more developed than ward 262.

2 Wards Still AWOL

While I was examining the ward-by-ward totals for the city of Milwaukee I noticed 2 wards, 262 and 274, are not included in the state canvass. There are no numbers for these 2 wards in the ward-by-ward breakdowns for: President, US Senate, US House, or District Attorney. For State Senate the numbers are all zeros. I could not get the ward-by-ward numbers for State Assembly.

I checked the website of the City of Milwaukee Election Commission. Yes, there are 2 wards numbered 262 and 274. The polling place for ward 262 is listed as, 8463 N Granville Road(Firehouse - Engine 38). The polling place for ward 274 is listed as 12021 W Florist Avenue (River Trail School).

So how can this be an official (better yet, a complete) canvass when numbers for 2 whole wards are missing? This is good news for John Kerry. If these 2 wards are not in the state canvass then Kerry can add approximately 2,000 ballots from these 2 wards to his 8,384 vote victory margin in Wisconsin. This will just about offset the 3,000 votes which need to be removed from his 11,384 ballot victory margin stemming from undoing the box box stuffing in the City of Milwaukee.

I guess I need to add this to the list of 25 known election problems.

Doing the Fraud Math

I have said before I don’t care which bones man won Wisconsin, but I am curious to know which bones man would have won Wisconsin had there been a legal election.

I was doing the mathematics for the ballot box stuffing which has been documented to date in Milwaukee. If the law had been followed, excess ballots would have been removed by random draw. The ward-by-ward canvass on the SEB web site gives the following totals for the 314 wards of the City of Milwaukee.

Total Ballots CastKerryBushBadnarikCobbNaderHarrisBrownScat.

The ballots cast for Peroutka of the Constitution party are co-mingled with the totals for Scattering.

If 7,000 ballots are removed by random draw exactly according to these candidate ballot percentages, the each candidate looses the following number of votes.


Kerry loses ground by 3,113 votes. This is more than 1/4 of his 11,384 ballot (not vote) lead in Wisconsin. Unfortunately, the ballot box stuffing is more subtle than this simple minded approach would indicate.

The stuffing of ballot boxes is worse than Greg Borrowski has reported. In the article from February 9, 2005, it was reported that the 2 wards with 500+ stuffed ballots were incorrect. Of the remaining 15 wards with discrepancies of more than 100 shown on the map, you have the following ballot stuffed percentages. Yes, in ward 260 of Milwaukee, more than 2 of every 5 of the 473 ballots found in ballot box were not cast by an elector.

Ward NameTotal Ballots Cast in WardKerryBushOtherExcess Ballots% Stuffed
Ward 26047342744220042.30%
Ward 1471368328224934.90%
Ward 2168574324141121725.30%
Ward 31213276996131531924.00%
Ward 6210595365081523422.10%
Ward 44194113235982035718.40%
Ward 18815017487351826017.30%
Ward 30068165031011717.20%
Ward 2591091751335517916.40%
Ward 124870731137213615.60%
Ward 9902772126412714.10%
Ward 7192884284211412.30%
Ward 3920961,2048454724111.50%
Ward 25810297912271111110.80%
Ward 5821621248878361014.70%

For the 15 wards with known ballot box stuffing, I used the ward percentages as a guide on how the vote tallies might be affected if there were a random draw of ballots. For the remaining 297 wards of the city, I used the ballots cast for those 297 wards as a guide on how the vote tallies might be affected if there were a random draw of ballots. Here is how the vote tallies would be affected if there were a random draw of ballots for the 16 bins (15 wards and remainder of city).

Votes Lost due to Removal of
Excess Ballots
15 Stuffed Wards296220838624012001
Rest of City4038291310927318014

Even this more nuance approach means Kerry loses ground by an average of 3042 votes if the law had been followed and excess ballots removed. I will not bore you with the details of error bars for hyper-geometric distributions except to say this: a cumulative error in the 16 bins (15 wards and the rest of the City) of 25 votes gives a confidence interval of 99%.

Statistically, this means, with a random removal of ballots from the respective ballot boxes, there is only 1 chance in 100 that Kerry would lose ground to Bush by less than 3015 votes. Call it 3000 for round numbers. Three thousand is still more than ¼ of Kerry’s 11,384 ballot (not vote) victory in Wisconsin. What are the ballot box stuffing numbers are in Madison, Kenosha, Racine and Green Bay, West Allis, Wausau, Eau Claire, etc.?

Also 7,000 is the low estimate of the number of ballots stuffed into the ballot boxes in the City of Milwaukee. If the actual number is 10,000 ballots, then a similar analysis leads to the conclusion: there is a 1 chance in 100 that Kerry would lose ground to bush by less than 4310 votes. Call it 4300 for round numbers. Ballot box stuffing (neglecting all other fraudulent activities) accounted for at least 3,000 extra votes for John Kerry in the City of Milwaukee alone.

But, as the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel says: We have to move beyond fraud.

Saturday, March 26, 2005

Updated the List of Election Problems

I added details to list of election problems. I added names, wards and statutory citations to the the entry for illegal poll inspector for the February 15, 2005, Spring Primary. Even this should probably be 2 items; an illegal poll inspector and the failure to remove this inspector after discovery. but there is enough on this list already.

It really chaps my hide that there are 25 distinct issues in 7 distinct categories.

Friday, March 25, 2005

Evidence of Evolution?

The article, http://www.chron.com/cs/CDA/ssistory.mpl/nation/3101533, claims 70 Million year dinasaur DNA has been found. This has scientists in a twitter for the good reason that gene sequencing can be done.

But no one seems to have the question: How did DNA, a protein with a molecular weight of 1 billion, survive, even as goo, for 70 million years? It was not desicated to dust, washed out to nothing nor eaten in 70 milion years? And the DNA is still intact enoungh for sequencing?

I find this tough to believe.

To: Kevin Kennedy

I may have to revise my opinion of Kevin Kennedy. This quote" "There's really nothing voters can do at this point." set me to grinding my teeth.

A legal, local canvass should be performed at some point; by hand with a counting scale if needed. This one can handle 3 Kg (6 pounds) of ballots and resolves down to 1/5 of a gram. An opti-scan ballot masses about 5 grams. This means you could tear up a single ballot into 25 pieces before the scale would begin to produce possibly incorrect count. The local poll inspectors can sort the ballots by each race and candidate combination. Weighing the resultant piles gives you a very accurate count of the ballots (vote) in the pile.

Kennedy's reason for the "nothing to do" statement is that the period for recounts have closed. It is my amatuer legal opinion that the recount statutes are moot at this point, since a legally correct canvass was never performed. You can't re-count what you have never counted. State statutes 9.01(1)(a) sets the time window on petitioning for a recounting as not before the completion of the canvass and not later than than 5 days after the completion of the canvass.

Since there has not yet been a legal canvass, it is too early to file a petition for recount not too late.

Knives and Guns

Never bring a knife to a gunfight.

The operative sentances are:
...with a box cutter and [Mitchell] tried to steal a gun
[the owner] then pointed his own gun at Mitchell and ordered him to lie on the ground

Notice Mitchell is still alive. This must be one of those mythical brandishing that the "Streets will run red with Blood" groups can't seem to find.

Four More Kinds of Election Problems

Moved to here because of display / formatting issues.

Problems 22 and 23 of November 2, 2004

In addition to the 21 other problems already uncovered. Problems 22 and 23 have been reported by Greg Borowski of the MJS. Incidently, my problems regarding the local canvasses are mentioned too. Thanks for publishing this, Greg.

I initially thought to categorize this as a single problem but it is 2 distinct actions, 2 distinct officials and 2 distinct statutes violated: 7.51(5)(b) and 7.60(3).

This is 2 distinct problems; the failure to report and the failure to demand the required material. Both are election fraud as defined by 12.13(2)(a).

The canvassing statutes (7.51, 7.53, 7.60 and 7.70) are specifically designed to obviate errors and to prevent the propagation of errors upwards.

Thursday, March 24, 2005

Pan-American Union Proceeds

The R-flavored Socialist in the White house continues to assemble the Pan-American Union. See the article in today's Wall Street Journal article: Canada, Mexico, U.S. Reach Deal To Bolster Trade. The triumvirate will met in Waco Texas to call for (I love this line): "the formation of a Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America" and work "[to remove] regulatory roadblocks"

Will this be like the Co-Prosperity Sphere I wonder?

From the fountainhead of the FTAA. Notice the progression both friend (last paragraph) and foe alike cite: Regulated trade masquarading as "Free trade" --> loss of soveriegnty.

When the FTAA comes a .308 which can tap 6" patterns at 200 yards with iron-only will be good to have.

SSRI #1 to Blame

As I predicted an SSRI was involved; Prozac. The record for SSRI's and teen school shooting is still 100%.

From the Washinton Post article:
He was taking the antidepressant Prozac and at least once was hospitalized for suicidal tendencies, said Gayle Downwind, a cultural coordinator at Red Lake Middle School who taught Weise.

It is not as if these dangers are not documented.

Damn. I hate being correct on this one. More lives lost to the "Black Dog" because we try to drug the dog rather than fight him.

Summary of Election Problems

Moved to here because of display / formatting issues.

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Test Deck Ready

On March 30, 2005 at 9:00 am the Clerk ofVillage of German town will be conducting the public testing required of 5.84 of the voting machines to be used in the up-coming April 5, 2005 election.

I have created 4 decks of test ballots. Actually I created copies of the 4 sample ballots provided by the clerk. I am turning my CSQE certification to the problem of testing the software on an opti-scan voting machine. Hopefully, Jane Wilms will consider this helpful. I suspect my deck of test ballots is larger than hers. I just hope she is not using the test ballot provided by the programming vendor, Fidlar Election Co.

My deck for District 1 has 43 ballots. 26 are expected to be accepted and 17 are expected to be rejected. My deck for District 2 has 41 ballots. 25 are expected to be accepted and 16 are expected to be rejected. My deck for District 3 has 42 ballots. 26 are expected to be accepted and 16 are expected to be rejected. My deck for District 4 has 46 ballots. 27 are expected to be accepted and 19 are expected to be rejected.

Thoughts on Sex Offenders

First, I have to say this is not an ideal location. Aside from the NIMBY factor, we have a location with woods and a river for use as an escape route and/or as a crime location. A group home surrounded by 100 yards of well-lit pavement (regardless of location) is better.

But, I wanted to address the larger question of criminals. We seem to be ignoring that there are only 3 ways societies deal with those who will not live by societial norms:
1) We can kill them.
    1a) either by the State in the form of the death penalty
    1b) or by allowing armed victims to kill their attackers.
2) We can exile them.
    2a) Internally, in jails
    2b) Externally, E.g. Botany Bay, Devils Island, Manhattan, or the moon.
    2c) or Virtually through the social mechanism of Shunning.
3) We can endure their possible future predations
    3a) By Pardon
    3b) By Parole
    3c) By Probation
    3d) By Work Release
    3e) By release to a group home
    3f) or By unrestricted release

Those are the 3 choices available and the current variations on the theme. The group home is a variation of option 3.

Personally, I like option 1b, because it reduces the need for any of the other options. But, I also thought this meant this was unconstitutional. But the ladies in the black dresses say otherwise. (Yes, that includes you, Ms. Crooks). I know when I voted for the constitutional change in 1998, I foolishly thought the either the security or the defense clause would mean the State Constitution would trump state statute. Thus, Wisconsin would revert to the blood-soaked legal environment of Vermont with regards to concealed carry. But, alas, the Ladies say no and victim disarmament continues in Wisconsin.

Some day I may live in a free society. But with my advancing age, I will settle for living in a society which has government (either a Republic or Conferderacy) where government power is limited, enumerated, divided and restrained by written constitution.

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Vote NO on 4 Year Terms

A measure on the ballot this april 5, 2005 is a proposed amendment to the State Constitution which lengthens the terms of county partisan offices to 4 years. Partisan county offices are: Coroner, DA, Treasurer, County Clerk and Registrar of Deeds, etc.

The first question is why are these partisan offices? But, I will let that pass.

I see no reason why "Let 'em Go" Mike, the District Attorney of Milwaukee County cannot stand for an uncontested election every 2 years instead of every 4 years. The more often these people stand for uncontested elections the better. There is a small chance on any given election that the person will have an opponent. This means the mean time between contested elections is governed by Poisson's Distribution. If the average is 1 election in 20 is contested then there is a 50%-50% shot that 13 elections must pass before there is at least 1 contested election. For 2 year terms this means 26 years between contested elections. For 4 year terms this means 52 years between contested elections.

I think 26 years between contested (not losing, just contested) races is more than enough.

Vote NO on 4 year terms on April 5, 2005.

"Terri's Law" is Bad Law

I believe Micheal Schivo injected his wife with potassium cloride and then hit the jackpot with the mal-practice suits. I also believe is current efforts are an attempt to get rid of the remaining witness and any forensic evidence via cremation.

That said. How is this not a bill of attainder?

Except for a manifest act of God, nothing good comes from using evil tools. E.g. the delivery of Isreal from famine through the enslavement of Joeseph.

Nothing good will come of allowing bills of attainders to be passed as US law.

Helping on April 6, 2005

I plan to spend the morning of April 6, 2005 at the Milwuakee City Elections Commission in room 501. I will be examining the inpsctors' reports (EB-104), the machine tape totals and the voter log books, for continuing violations of 7.51. If there are any wards with a total number of ballots cast which is greater than the number of electors voting I will call for a recount under 9.01.

My Elections Complaint

I have filed a complaint with the Wisconsin State Elections Board on March 9, 2005. The complaint is still within the 10 day review. The Board is reviewing the complaint for merit.

My complaint alleges that the board has been remiss in its duties to oversee the administation of the proceedures of the local board canvass (especially paragragh 2). The statement of the complaint documents the failure by poll inspectors in 3 municipalities over the last 5 elections (Spring 2004 to Spring 2005) to complete the form EB-104 as required by state law, that form EB-104 is deficient in meeting the requirements of 7.51 and that the Election Day Manual is deficient on pages 66 and 67 in describing how and when to discard the machine totals as 7.51(2)(h) requires, if errors are discovered in the software's tallies.

Details to follow.

Helping On April 5, 2005

The Village of Germantown has accepted my application to be a poll-worker for the April 5, 2005 election. The training is on March 29, 2005 at 6:30 pm.

I am unlikely to actually work that day, since I am not a partisan nominee. WI State statutes 7.30 states that poll workers which are not nominated by the top 2 parties are used only if the pool of poll workers provided by the top 2 paries is exhausted. The pool of partisan poll workers here in Germantown is quite deep, so, it is unlikely I will be called. But, even to be in the alternate (Non or other partisan) pool I need to take the training.

I will let you know how it goes.

The Red Lake, Minnesota School Shootings

My quick reaction when I heard the story on the news this morning, was which SSRI was THIS shooter on?

Every school shooter since the mid 1980's who was a 21 or younger was also on an Selective Serotonin Re-uptake Inhibator. SSRI's are the anti-depressants known by the various brand names: Prozac, Zoloft, Paxil, Luvox, Effexor,Serzone, etc. Regardless of the brand name these are best thought of as SSRI or Prozac, Prozac 2 (Zoloft), Prozac 3 (Luvox), etc.

Here is my prediction: today or tomorrow a small notice at the end of 12 column-inches of story about how bad guns are and how Jeff Weisse loved Hitler will be the throwaway line: "he had been prescribed anti-depressants". If we are lucky the throwaway line will be: "he had been prescribed the anti-depressant [fill in the SSRI or combination of SSRI's]"

Wading In

Since the vote fraud thing has been such a bee in my bonnet. I have decided to wade into the world of the blogs