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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Over the Cliff Even Without the "Stimulus"

In other posts (here, here, and here) I have compared the stampeding of American's to transfer control over to the central government to stampeding bison over a buffalo jump.

I think I was too kind. I do not believe we will fare as well as the jumping buffalo.

Here is a posting of the expansion of the money supply:
Federal Reserve Money Chart

Here is a set of graphs of the M1 money supply. Even if you believe the St. Louis Federal reserve branch is fudging the number, the M1 numbers show a very bad trend.

If the graphs don't scare you try this 4 minute history of the Federal reserve.
These numbers are all from before the “stimulus” bill, TARP II, and the second round of Auto bailout money. All signs point to the fact the Federal Reserve is sending the US dollar the way of the Zimbabwe Dollar, the Weimar Reichsmark, the French Assignat, and the US Continental.

The solution is simple, but hard to do: END THE FED

The first step to ending the fed is to recognize it for the fraud that it is. Remove your consent and reverence for the Federal Reserve. The FED has no reserves and is no more federal than Federal Express.

Nothing undercuts the pompous voice of illegitimate authority like laughter, ridicule and a trip to the house of pain.

In order to provide laughter and ridicule, I present this work-inappropriate video: F**K the Fed. Enjoy.