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Monday, February 20, 2012

Tomorrow there is a Primary ofr Germantown School Board

For an election integrity geek, you would think I would pay less attention to the process and more to the candidates. But with the open records lawsuits regarding the destruction of electronic election records entering discovery and some health issue, I must admit I let my attention on the primary for the Germantown School district lapse.

The primary is for 3 people vying for the open seat vacated by Kim Fischer. The candidates are:
  1. Sarah Larson
  2. Christina Wolf-Lang, and
  3. Lisa Laskowski
If you want the budget of the Germantown School to balloon with little or no limits, then vote for people in the reverse order listed. If you would like Act 10 tools applied to the Germantown school district budget, then vote for the candidate in the order listed.

In short:
  • Spendthrift = Laskowski
  • Act 10 Implementor = Sarah Larson
That is my opinion for what it is worth.

Where to vote tomorrow:
  • District 1: Bethlehem Ev. Lutheran School, W14290 Bel Aire Lane
  • District 2: Germantown American Legion Post, W15932 Freistadt Road
  • District 3: Life Church Student Center, N11325 Squire Drive
  • District 4: CrossWay Church, N10041 Pilgrim Road