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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Back on the Trail

I have made no real secret that this blog is a one string fiddle. I started it so I had a place to vent my spleen on Milwaukee vote fraud. Now Wisconsin vote fraud. (I maintain the botched canvasses constitute vote fraud as defined by 12.13(2)(a)

Over the last month I have been busy with my CSQE re-certification from ASQ and preparing to lead a Boy Scout high adventure outing to the Porcupine Mountains

But, I have not been completely idle on the election process / fraud front. I was in Madison for other reasons and took the opportunity to audit the records from November 2, 2005. I also did the same for the City of West Allis. I will post the results later today.

I have been responding to the attempts by the City of Milwaukee Election Commission to squash my complaint on them to the Wisconsin SEB.

I have an open records request being block by the City Election Commission on the minutes for several meetings of the City of Milwaukee election task force.

The report was published yesterday on June 27, 2005. I will post the fisking later. I did like the mention in the article about no evidence of "willful neglect or intent". I hope it is not merely my vanity to think the inclusion of this legalese is from my complaint before the Wisconsin State Elections Board. My main point in the complaint is that being trained and paid and still not doing your minimal statutory duties is prima facia evidence of willful neglect; the basis of my 12.13(2)(a) fraud charge against the City of Milwaukee poll inspectors.

I have been monitoring the implementation of the State-wide Voter Registration System. Currently there is no part of the SVRS implimentation plan to correct the bogus addresses from Milwaukee, Madison, Racine, Kenosha, et. al. when the disparate municipal voter registration lists will initially be imported into the SVRS.

And, I may be a presenter at a national conference on election integrity. The subject is how to properly test voting machine software.

Been busy, just not busy blogging.

Added to List of Election Problem

My catalog of election problems has been updated to include the 100 extra votes for George Bush mistakenly added by the Shawano county clerk's office to the vote totals from the Town of Herman.

This bring the total number of problems to 28. It is this 100 votes which Governor Doyle uses to chide the state legislature to "do something". I guess robbing Bush votes with fraud in Milwaukee and Madison and software mistakes in Medford were OK. But, there is no way Wisconsin will tolerate mistakes or fraud in favor of Republicans.

I am beginning to suspect the root of the anger many Democrats feel is that they cheated so hard, in so many places around the country and still came up short.